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      2013 Staff vs Regulars

    It's finally here, the biggest rivalry every taken place at DarkDemon.org!

    Post Avant Jazzcore And The Progressive Dreamfunks
    The Jolly Pack Of Tea Bandits
    50 Shades of Purple

    Organized by Nice Pants and Sharpshooter
    Compiled by Lithium

      2013 Staff vs Regulars Preview

    Almost here, the epic battle taken place at Darkdemon.org!
    Staff vs Regulars ... Who will win the rivalry? Find out soon!


      Shadow-Lith Competition

    Find out what happens when darkness overtakes Lithium as others fight against his alter-ego, SHADOW-LITH !

    Thanks to all the animators who made this competition satisfying to watch, thanks to Sharpshooter for offering such awesome incentives and congratulations to Phazon, the winner of the Shadow-Lith Competition!

    Organized by Lithium
    Compiled by Stickid


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