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    Trying to be a moderator?

    Myself and also some of the staff have noticed that there are a few people trying to be mods in some cases new users wouldent be able to tell the difference. I used to like the idea of people mini modding but its some what go out of hand.

    To all users, moderators have green bars below there rank so they are easily seen, along with forum helpers and admins.

    Users taking the mini mod thing too far you are probably going to get some warnings heading your way, or a temp ban. This is also now an offical rule.

    Keep it in mind folks.

    - Enjoy your Christmas.

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    I'd also like to add that when you see spam or something that needs to be locked, the best thing to do is to tell a staff member so they can handle it.

    Cheeser - And what jeff means by this, is PM a staff member! Don't post in the thread about it being spam.

    [add me @ jjknox@gmail.com]


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