Over the last few days I've noticed users asking me and some of the other staff of being moved up. Please avoid pming us, unless we directly say so. Staff try to get around to everyone as fast as they can, by people pming us to move you us it slows the entire proccess down. This is something which I hope to improve after Christmas by perhaps setting up a new system.

Secondly, I've had a few requests sent my way about being on the staff, one even asking if they could be an admin. Please use some common sense. Its like my saying please hand over the keys to your brand new porsche. We do not let just anyone be on the team, and at the moment are not looking for any new additions. Continually asking us will result in warnings and or temp ban. When we want new staff members theres a thread where people can apply and post there applications for review.

Also if anyones pming you asking you to look at there thread please inform me about it, we are trying to cut down on advert whores "mass" broadcasting there thread.

Thats all from me, for most of the above it wont apply to you, but the people it does will know you they are.

Have great Christmas.