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    What Mods, demon u mad?

    not mad but very busy today I visted the site and there where aload of errors,

    it looked like someone had changed our Database passwords, but when I checked it was the same, I resolved this problem but still dont know what damage was done I dont think there was any.

    Anyway I will be keeping a close eye on things.

    Also sorrie for the mods, yes we have tested our cash mod system, there is a error "called to define function" on our test forum we have setup to test our mods before we try them, I will investigate this and figure the problem out as soon as possible.

    Thanks for sticking with us, V.2 is coming end of september just to say thank you to you guys ))(*


    also sorrie for the off peaks of downtime this was due to the rebooting of some services.

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    woohoo! cookies! (and v2)


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