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    Welcome Yadda to the mod team - Animation shifts!

    Well firstly after talking it over with the staff we have decided to promoted yadda from forum helper to moderator, as hes been doing quite a outstanding job lately. Which means soon I'll be looking for another forum helper to take his old space.

    Alot of people have complained about not being moved up or people wrongly being moved up.Well I've implemented a new system for our staff which should make the whole proccess alot easyier for them. Before the staff had one topic to work out who had so many votes to get moved up. Along the way this caused alot of confuesion and probably people where moved up who shouldent have been. Because there was only one thread to deal with so many people it caused alot of problems hence some mistakes have been made along the way.

    The new system is a fresh new area for the staff which gives them there a whole new area of the forum (only staff can see it). Instead of there being one big post to work out who gets moved up, each animator has there own thread created by a staff member. The staff member will also include in the thread to the animators work, and perhaps there latest ani, also poll is created for each user. This is leaps and bounds better than our old system now each animator has there own thread created by a staff member to keep there details seperate from everyone else's. The thread will also contain a poll, at least 4 votes and or comments from different staff members in order for that person to get moved up or down. Once a movement or shift is complete the thread is locked, unlike the old system it just stayied in the same topic.

    This system also works by people being moved down. The whole new proccess makes it much more effective to deal with movement of threads. For now you guys dont have to do anything however if you feel you've put alot of effort into your animation, and you think it hits the next level pm a staff member to post a thread in the system to get the proccess moving. This is also the case for people whoam you think may not deserve to be in a certain section so feel free to pm us, and we will submit it for review.

    - Hopefully this will be tons easyier on the staff and should get people moved up / down faster, basically a much better balance. All in all everything is faster, and we will be able to process people much quicker.

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    Cool that you have a new system for this because yes I have seen many people getting moved up lately or over the past few months the I quite frankly couldn't understand why they were moved up. Hope this will work better. And congratulations to Yadda for becoming a mod!

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    Congratulations Yadda. This new system is pretty handy too.

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    Hey congrats on Modship Yadda, we will miss in the FH ranks.

    It is also great that a new system has been worked out for moving people up. I have heard from mods that the old system was a real bugger, and that hardly anything could get done. And it is also good that we can now pm mods about other people that might have accidentaly been put up a level, let me head over to me messages.

    Anyway, great new update, and hope to see more even better ones.

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    Oh, that's cool, Yadda has been the most active FH so he really deserved it..

    I like the new system too-.
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    Congrats Yadaa, you really deserved it =D And yay for the new system, even though I can't see it >.>

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    Congratulation Yadda, you deserve it.
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    wow... i just don't know what to say, thanks so much

    I just got on right now, and... just so unexpected. Im going to really miss being in the forum helpers group we had a lot of fun. Anyway, nice updates there i can see the banner's changed up, and balmbot's back too. Thanks dd .

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    Well done yadda, and cool new system.
    Yay theres a forum helper space

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    Very nice, new system. I was really thinking that's how you did it before >_>. Anyway, congrats Yadda, sorry Bahamut moved me up before you could. I would of like to of been your first thread <:[.

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