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    Forum Helper Position.

    Yadda recently got moved to a moderator from forum helper, so there is a free space for another forum helper.

    Forum helpers are lower end moderators who have powers in certain sections and normally moderate them sections most. Providing useful and forum help where needed / possible.

    Feel free to post your application and next week sometime I'll announce the new helper if any that we feel should get the position.

    In order to apply you must meet the following requirements;
    - Have 0 temp bans or bans in the last 4 months
    - At least 400 posts
    - Have a feeling easy going attitude.

    If you meet that spec, post why you would like to be a forum helper. Please applications only NO comments.

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    Hellz yeah! Im in for the Position.

    Attitude-Easy going and friendly
    I know DD quite well.

    I've fought the erge to mini mod recently

    And i feel generally I can help the forums in my own little way.

    Plus I feel I can be as good as Yadda to take his place.

    Y - >_>
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    i have a easy goin attitude. i've been a mod/admins on other forums that are still going on. im funny. i normally am good at finding problems. and i am incredible active.

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    Posts: << (1159)
    Why i want to be a forum helper:
    I've been on DD for quite a while, i know the site well. I get on extremeley well with a lot of people, much of my contacts list is made up entirley of DD members, and if you send me a message i'm normally willing to help. (unless you're Smoof, in which case chances are i'll be BEGGING you for help or to look at my latest whatever :/ haha.) I know when theres a time for jokes and a time for play, and this means i can enjoy myself and get on with people, yet still be a serious person. I have a bit of a hardline appraoch to leachers/spammers, if i see someone with one post asking for sticks in the requests section, i can't deny it irritates me. I suppose this is a good thing, as i don't want people like that spamming up the site, yet it could probably be counted as my biggest weakness.

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    Yey =D

    Name: Ober
    Posts: Look under me avatar.
    Why I could be a forum helper:

    1. I have never been banned from the forum, except for once when I had like 20 posts and was teh ultimate PA nubbax >_>
    2. I speak (post) with punctuation, spelling and grammar. This helps people understand what you write.
    3. Like to get onto DD as much as possible =P
    4. Because of this, I am on DD pretty much every day.
    5. I don't mini-mod exactly, but I try to help new comers.
    6. Like to reveiw peoples work, be it animation or art, fairly. None of that 'lighting sucks kai' and nothing else.
    7. DD is my homepage.
    8 >_:>

    keep shtum.

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    i have everything but the tempt bann thingy.. and i dont wanna explain what happened with that again... but im always active all day... and im a good poster.. there hasnt been a spam since i was unbanned ... i know the rules and all, im active for at least 5 hours a day. I always correct posts that are spam or useless.. and i help people and give them advice... i'd really like to be one. I can go on and on about why i should be one :P

    DD: Like I said before anyone with any temp ban will be ignored from the applications.

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    Well, i am very active, though i dont post every day.. And i have somekinda magic talent to find spammers and all other "not supposed to be here" posts
    Cant really think about nothing else, the biggest "thing" is that im active, surf around DD so i see many posts and many pointless posts..
    Yah, thats it

    E: Yeah forgot to say, im bored as hell, so doing something for the forum would be good for me and for DD =D

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    Stickpage. Hammering butts.
    Name- Jeremy
    Posts - 600 +
    Why- I'm on Almost all day, im homeschooled and the only work I ever have to do is read a book, i dont even have to do that most of the time, so im on the computer ALL DAY. So i would be able to monitor the forums when no one else would be. And i love these forums, i want to help keep them clean. And help everyone have fun.

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    Name : Fraz
    Posts :1447 +

    Why i want to become a forum helper:
    Well i really want to help out. Both for the staff and for members. I feel that i can be able to keep begginers and newcomers to the straight and narrow, and that i would be able to reduce spam.
    Why choose me:
    Because you want to... XD.First of all, i am on this place all the time, too much in fact. Well i have stopped minimodding since the rule was introduced, and i get a huge urge to say to people to STFU XD, or dont double post etc. I have experiance as an admin, and a mod, and i have done well in both.
    I also am one of the few people that type things properly. I hate all this 'n00b' speak and 'txt' chat. I want to erase that, and with a forum helpers position, abilitys and powers, i feel i could help do this.
    I also go on every subforum. I don't just post on pivot and i don't just post in art. I try my best to be active on every subforum.
    Oh yeah, i notify mods and admins if i see a spammy thread or rule breaking to stop myself and other people minimodding.(ask baha XD) This stops unneccesairy posts going "yOu BrooKEd thE rooLZ So leiK LokcZorz pl0x".
    I am also well respected by most of the people at DD.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, i am on DD more than an hour every day, give a day or two now and again though.

    But in other words, choose me please!
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    Good points:
    - I already help alot with flash and other things.
    - I have a quirky and easy going attitude.
    - I am very mature when I need to be but not so overly mature that I look like a dick.
    - I'm nice to people and if I am mean to them it's usually because I was missinformed.
    - I'm on once a day at least.
    - I'm good with children.
    - I'd really love to help out of DD.org as much as I could.

    Bad points:
    - I'm horrible at applications.
    - I have a tendency to be overly familiar with people.
    - I can't do that thing in skipping when you cross your arms.


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