Well after a successful vote by you, 26 to 5 I believe beginners 2 has been created, you may notice your thread has been moved into the new section so just check both areas if you cannot find it in the first.

I'm asking all users to help review peoples work and hopefully with two areas we can see how effective it will be so that peoples threads dont get bumped down as quick. Remember you may only have one thread in either beginners section or beginners 2, read the rules in those sections for more info.

Another change is that the programming forum was somewhat dead, so its been renamed and tweaked abit to Web Dev {web development} you can even advertise there now read the rules in that section for more.

There is likely to more changes soon once I've done droidz I'll see on getting a chatroom on so you can all chat again.

If you think you should be more up to inters etc pm a moderator with your work or a admin to start off the voting proccess, this applys if you want a user to be moved down.

- Adam.