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Thread: Nearly there

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    Nearly there

    Sorrie people with these delays, which are out of my control PB said people where irritated at me, well if you are i'm sorry but theres nothing I can do I have a life as well, somethings need to get done before others.

    I'm always trying to think of new ideas etc for V.2 to add to my additions, when I said I wanted to blow you away when you saw it I meant it.

    Our designers are starting are re-building some areas on it, where as my coding is looking alot more complete. This are making steady progress which has made me happy.

    For now I need to fix my pc, as I have no cd drives which are a main concern.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

    - Adam.

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    lol sorry, i was only joking...
    you didnt have to take that seriously...

    -penguin boi
    'live and kickin' !

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