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    Forum Helper Tryouts

    As more and more people are coming to the forums its important we have more staff on duty, inlight of this I'm looking for some forum helpers to join our team.

    You must have at least 600 Posts.

    Post why you would like to be a forum helper and how you can help the forums, aka how you could contribute make this place better.

    - Post away.

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    I'd like to become a forum helper for these reasons.

    -I notice alot of spam and rule breaking and yet I can do nothing when I want.
    -I help with the forum as it is, for example I posted a pivot tutorial today.
    -I'm always willing to help (look at my entrance hall posts.) and I have a good attitude.
    -I've been at DD for nearley a year, I was 3rd most active in the portals and I've never been banned.
    -I also have tried to make chipmunk man stop spamming, which is hard :/.

    Also I have a very high post count and stuffs .
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    Name: Jeremy
    Posts: 1000-1200
    Contribute: Ive worked in well over 4 forums as both a mod and an admin so i know how the process goes, I'm a very patient and forgiving person so i can usually let alot of things go. I'm honest about everything so you can trust me, and depends on me. And i know the rules and how to abide people by them. And im in the top 3 longest using pivot animators on this site. Also im homeschooled and have the computer right next to my bed. So I literally spend over 80 percent of my day on this very website. So i could be the first to catch the spam and delete it before anyone else sees it.
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    Id like to be froum helper for a few reasons. Im very active, post alot, and I rarely spam. I help newbs and inters, and everyone I can, for instance, I submitted a ninja run tut yesterday, helped blunk flash his tut, and Im currently tutoring Tiggy.

    I also Identify spam, double posts, flaming, etc, and you can ask BN, Cheeser, and bandito, I always report it to them. I try my best at DD, I've never been banned, been warned once for flaming supra, but we've sorted that out.

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    Yey tryouts! 3rd time lucky!

    Name = Fraz

    Posts = 2000
    Why i would like to become a forum helper = Well, i have been part of DD for a while now, always being annoyed that i couldn't help out the staff and other users. And now is my chance to help these guys out.

    Why pick me = I am very active, and i look in every section. I also try to be as nice as i can to everyone, not just my friends.
    I also advertise darkdemon as much as i can, this is mostly over msn, but i also have a link in my signature at other forums.
    I am one of the most active members here at darkdemon.
    I also post long helpful reply's, and not these one liners which i hate.
    I know where everything is, and where everything goes, and i know what threads should be locked, and which shouldn't.
    The main reason to pick me is how cool you know i am. Everyone likes and respects me, and being FH , they will also respect my authority! >.<
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    I have been on DD for more than a year. I might don't post alots, but I am mostly active.
    I know pretty much everything about the forums(I know there is still some secrets)

    I love to help people and always like to answer questions I can. I rarely spam or just never spam(Except in the spam pit). I mostly write in good english. Another thing about me, you can trust me! When I get titles like that, I always try and do in my power to make
    the forum a better community. I can also guide people, for example not to spam or tell them to check the date before posting(bumping)

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    I would like to be a forum helper because:

    - I've been here for a while, and i was very active
    - I don't post much, I post only when necessary
    - I try to help people, when beginners PM me, I try my best to help
    - When i see breaking rules, bots or somethings, I PM Staff members
    - I'd like to donate, I actually send 10 bucks, for contributing to the forum, not JUST the badges and the VIP, I know it's hard, and I respect you for keeping this up
    - In the last time I'm avoiding flaming, because i know it can broke many things...
    - I'm friend with most of the active members and some of the Staff, and I try to get people here, even from my real life ( example: Byby, my best friend )
    - I'm trying to be funny, but people get me wrong, so I'm only trying to make good jokes now, not offensive material
    - When it's necessary, I post my opinion.
    - I'm not mini-moding, even if I'd like to.

    So yeah, I'd be proud to be one.

    No one rates your animations? Do you need help? Do you want to request something?
    PM me and I'll do my best to satisfy you.

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    Jul 2006
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    My Tryout =O

    Yay, 3rd time lucky.
    Name: Eskimomo
    Posts: 2100 +

    Well, firstly, I have administrated 3 forums.
    Guillimot (ages ago)
    EE (currently active)
    - I used to do pivot I can still be involved by rating other peoples animations.
    - I Love flash although I suck so I can rate them
    - I hand draw so I like art
    - Being a student I have alot of free time.
    - I check DD about 8 times a day.
    - Im always honest (awww)
    - Not many people like me and Im not really that respected which is a bad thing, but then I dont have favourites and stuff.
    - I notice spam and bots and always pm staff
    - I always try and keep things organised like my PS3 topic which was originally locked but then I made it more organised with rules.
    - I wont abuse my powers.
    - I always try and be helpful
    - Im on msn alot and I dont block many people.
    - Notcie in the last few weeks ive done lots of capital letters and good grammar ^_^
    - I try and get along well with people, I normally dont go mental unless someone insults my race and/or sexuality -.-
    - I hate it when I see a mistake but have to leave it because of the "no mini modding" rule.

    Well DD my fate is in your hands lol. )
    Wow I just realised Fraz has been a member 3 days less than me. Cool.

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    Jul 2006
    Forum Helper Application

    Name: Flamez
    Joined: 06 Jul 2006
    Post count (all post's): 1067

    I would love to become a forum helper.


    Because i could make a difference to these forums. i've been mod/admin on many other pivoting forums. I feel helpless when i can't do anything to stop spam.(like the bots i saw them posting everywere and i couldn't do a thing accept pm a mod.)

    Also i always try to help begginers out. some people like to go on their threads and say e.g you suck learn easing. But i try to actually help them learn easing and what could of been improved and so on.

    I feel i am a trusted and respected member of DD. Even though i like to have a laugh i can be very serious at times. e.g when darkemon members are flaming on other members threads/topics.

    I have also never spammed or flammed on purpose and i have never been banned or warned.

    I trust you will make the right decision.

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    I would like to be a forum helper because it would be great to keep this place noob free and clean. So it would be a popular place for people to visit and set a good example for the new people. I'm always active and I think this place is great and should deserve better(not that there is anything wrong here) I love DD and will do the best I could to keep it going.


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