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Thread: Forum Helpers

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    Nov 2004
    UK / England

    Forum Helpers

    We are looking for some new forum helpers to help maintain DD, and help kill spam, if you are interested you need at least 600 posts, explain why you'd like to join the team.

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    Apr 2006
    damn straight i'm up for the job.


    - I'm always on dd when i'm on the computer
    - I've reported some rulebreaking
    - I do not spam
    - I do my best to give cc
    - I've been here a year, and i'd like to do my part
    - I've got good grammar (if that helps)
    - Fh's from different timezones would be good, aye?
    =my animations=

    Waiting for the next ddc to show up.

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    Jul 2006
    106 is fumpin', pumpin' up in this hoe, for sho, my bro
    Hey there!
    Well, another month another try. Lets go!

    Name: Fraz
    Posts: Alot

    Why Fraz?
    • 1. I may not be friends with everyone, but i have made up with people in the past, and most people respect me.
    • 2. I try to use good grammer all of the time.
    • 3. I wouldn't lock topics unnecessarily.
    • 4. I stick to the rules
    • 5. Im a nice guy.
    • 6. I have learned from every mistake
    • 7. Very trustworthy.
    • 8.I'm very helpful to other members, especially newcomers. I made lots of mini-tuts, and refer beginners to them on my long and helpful rates. I also mentor people from theis forum on msn, and people say i really help, which is good for them, and gives me 'a warm and fuzzy feeling inside'. LMAO. But yeah, it feels good.
    • 9. I'm active for at least 4 hours a day. I am on this place a lot.
    • 10. I think i would be a good staff member, and wanna be part of the team.
    • 11. I am always getting on at mods and admins to delete spam, or for locking topics.I'm sure they get annoyed at this, so by making me part of 'the team' then i could save some of their bother.
    • 12. I have tried to be a mod/fh a few times before, and i won't give up. So you will have to choose me sooner or later! : D[/*:m:1kakj293]

    Well, i hope people choose me, they know they want to. : P

    Good luck people!
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    May 2006
    Herts, UK
    Go Pistol?

    Why to vote me?

    -I have a good post rate, but not a whore
    -I help people out of the forum, like just now, I'm helping Bert with some story thing.
    -I have good grammar, punctuation and spelling
    -I don't minimod
    -I always try to keep a positive attitude and help out (Stacey crew and the mentor thread)
    -I try to make all my posts necessary.
    -I make prizes and try to help out with animation and competitions.
    -I'm only human so I can understand problems
    -I just like to help DD and I am loyal (No other forums for me)
    [center:1dyohg2y]I miss everyone. [/center:1dyohg2y]

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    Jun 2005
    16 years old
    Been here at Darkdemon.org for over 3 years now
    I think I deserve this because I've been noticing alot of newcombers not respecting other members and not obaying the rules. I am active almost every day and I promise to do my best to prevent spammers, flooders, and other annoyenses.

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    Jun 2006
    Heh, fourth try

    All right well...

    - I'm all most all ways on Darkdemon when I'm online.
    - I don't have any people that I dislike, or that dislike me. (I hope )
    - I'm one of the top 50 posters here.
    - I've never been banned, or anything of that sort. (other than one warning when I was newer here)
    - I love to give comments and recieve comments.
    - I'm easy to get along with.
    - I try to support the forums in every way I can.
    - I use proper spelling and punctuation, unless it's in the spam pit, or something and I feel like typing with the chatroom shortcuts.
    - I love to great people, though I haven't much recently.
    - I try to help people in any way I can.

    That's all I've got for now... possible editing though
    [center:3m01loo1]CHECK IT OUT, I'M BACK

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    Oct 2006
    i wont make it but i can try right?

    well, i try to help alot.
    im on alot.
    i have no life.
    i like helping?
    did i say i was helpful?

    i have over 600 posts....

    pick me?

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    Dec 2005
    Somewhere in time
    HI, I am Wil, I would like to be a forum helper because I like to help new comers. When someone isn't following the rules i often show the thread to a mod and leave the job to him. When I can answers question such: Where do I upload my files or Where do I start,
    I always reply with respect and tell them how to.

    How could I be a good forum helper?
    I could handle spam easily. I'm active on the forum so people could pm me for thread lock and thing. I have also a mature comportment and respect everyone who respects me.
    Vote for me.

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    Feb 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Name: Flame Dweller.

    Posts: 1000 and something.

    Time spent at DD: As much as possible, I joined DD early last year and have come here at least 6 times a week. Unless I'm banned or on holidays.

    Reason: We need more forum helpers while America sleeps. Many times I've been here and seen bots or major spammers and haven't had the powers to do anything. Usually I wait for a mod to get on but I could sort it out so much easier if I just had the powers.
    Also It'd be cool to be able to help around here.

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    May 2006
    way down in teh forest were nobody goes!
    Name: Sizzle


    Time spent on DD:I try and get to dd every day atleast, and spend up to 20 minutes to an
    hour online.

    Reasons to vote for me: I'm lovable, reliable, I might not be so popular. But that's not what makes a forum helper, I think I have good judgement, understanding, and a good reputation. I've been at dd for a couple of years. And I think I would make a resonable candidate, thanks for the read.

    BTW: Can't wait for v3.

    Bye for now.
    My Thread


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