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Thread: The Lowdown.

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    The Lowdown.


    Well most of you saw the downtime yesterday, we had around 12 hours of it. Iíll keep this short as I can.

    I actually noticed that we had server problems with apache, so I checked things didnít see a problem and re-installed it however this was the first of many problems. At one point things went from bad to worse, DarkDemon.org was deleted all contents and files like wise with 3 other sites on my network. The backup system refused to work hence the 12 hours worth of downtime, else we would have been back up in 20 minutes. When I mean everything was deleted, everything forum posts, and files, and the backup system refused to work correctly.

    After hours of eliminating problems and possibilities, why the backup system refused to work I finally managed to get things back on track and restored DD. There where a number of database issues, and a lot of you noticed that you couldnít view polls, and my webhosting clients saw that PHPMyAdmin was failing this was later fixed.

    I kept it closed for a further two hours to ensure that there where no further problems with DD. All the other sites which had problems where also corrected, services where then resuming. The worst off was Droidz, which lost around a monthís worth of data it appeared that the backup for droidz was what I call a ďdirtyĒ one meaning there where segments of the backup file which where corrupted, so the latest backup could not be issued for droidz and a older one had to be used instead which contains data from a month ago. Thankfully all the upgrades I did to droidz within this time where restored.

    Because droidz has lost a few stks around 40 - 50 because of this all you stk makers please help Jon out and submitting your stks here;


    Its important as Jonís site is a major hub for people looking for stkís I was recently surprised how much traffics hitting droidz, Iíve had to ramp up bandwidth and space to ensure people can get great quality stks from there.

    Again my apologies to Jon and his members, if you want to vent your anger at anything blame WHM/CPANEL backup feature which failed. It also wasnít sending offsite backups to our offsite server. I also appreciate there staff in understanding this matter, and the members who may have to re-register due to this.

    In light of this we have performed testing to ensure that this doesnít happen again, two backups are now created instead of one, and offsite backups have been tested. Again please go and submit some stks to droidz to help Jon out.

    Sticker Comp update

    In other news its time for a round up on my last competition, http://www.darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=20765&start=0, You win some stickers. We noticed some people made some silly errors, some missed a 2 off one of the codes, Winners in no particular order are;

    And Fraz sadly the other people who submitted had errors with there codes. Anyway can everyone who won please PM me with your address again (even if you already have) They will be mailed out sometime this week.

    Artwork Competition Deadline is pushed forward

    Thatís right, its been moved forward to this Friday, the 18th of May, instead of the 25 as originally intended, anyone can join this competition even people who have already won In my competitions before due to the fact you actually make something to get in. Thereíall be a basic theme set out and a few other small odds and ends, it lasts for seven days we will announce the winner on the following Saturday.

    Due to droidz.. only members having some there posts reset you only need 100 posts over there to enter now instead of 200.

    You can view the thread here;

    Peter Juggler, wha?

    Believe it or not we have been working on it Jonís finished all the art Iím piecing it together now that all my coursework has been handed in I want to get it completed in the next two weeks if I can help it. Hereís some updated screenies.


    New Forum Layout

    Iíve fixed a lot of the problems suggest by people in its intial release and hopefully should have it out soon, I might just make it so you donít have to have it as your layout just you can select it from your profile.

    More soon I hope that clears a few things up, again sorry for the guys over at droidz, this case has now hardened the way backups are created to ensure this doesnít happen again, however we all know the that sometimes technology cannot be very reliable.

    We have also made some server changes which should help DD load faster.

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    those links don't work.50 Sticks lost,that sucks.Bloomin'...whatever that program is, when will the droidz board be back up?

    Arm ripp'd of is a joint with my brother, Fraz banned My brother from DD because he thaught it was me.
    My brother is fuckin' depreesed now. :/

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    That sucks about Droidz. All those stks gone :'(


    YAYA I won! how many stickers is that btw? :P
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    Yeah, that's too bad about droidz I feel sorry for everyone that lost stuff on there.

    Btw I was wondering if you could say what the correct codes were? Because I'm curious, just wondering. If not then that's ok too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Matt

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    Nice update. I can't peice it out, did i win stickerss or not? It is written wierd..
    Shame about droidz, but it's no person's fault i suppose so no one can complain.
    I'm happy about the comp being pushed forward, it is noww going to start just before the ddc is released, so that's cool in my opinion.
    Good new's that dd is now faster. Server upgrade ftw.

    DD: yes you won.
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    wow it is sad, I hope my stks... not gone... don't worry DD i'll help!

    DD: Many thanks
    Cookie: I just add a few stks.. well every submission count I guess

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    Aww I didn't win
    Did mine have any errors or was I just late?

    DD: You had an error, you put BF2Z34, when it was BF2Z234, I think there was another too.
    Supra - Oh I wrote it wrong then :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSupra
    Aww I didn't win
    Did mine have any errors or was I just late?
    Same for moi.

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    YAY i finally won something. And its some stickers >_>. Ha ha, anyways i PM'd you my address.

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    Um... Can you please stop calling Kankuro a clown? It's hurting my feelings

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    Yay, I won something =P

    I am no stick maker though so i can't help out Droidz with recovering their sticks..

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