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Thread: bumping topics

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    bumping topics

    I got up this morning to check on things, and I had to delete almost half of the new posts, because they were all bumping topics from august or older.

    Most of these bumps were from the same person, I don't know if he knows better or not, but this is to let everyone know that you HAVE to read the date on the posts before you reply to them. if the last post is from more than 2 or so weeks ago, the topic is considered dead. Don't reply to it.

    I hope this notice will stop most of these bumps, but the staff will still be warning people when they do stuff like this, and banning if they don't comply. so please, think before you post.

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    Useful advice: When you get on just check the topics that were posted since last visit, unless you haven't gotten on in a month... :])

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