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    Forum Helper Tryouts

    Due to recent staff movements and Bari reminding me its time to see if there are more FH's out there for us.

    Firstly you must have at least 500 posts to apply, please also post how you could help improve DD and why you'd be a good choice.

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    Apr 2006
    i'm up for it. i've got 1600+ posts, and i'm very.. very active.

    i'd like to help as much as i can, when i'm online.
    i'd help beginners, and newcomers as much as i could.
    i would start posting more, posting on threads, with longer comments.
    i've been here one year, and i seriously want to help somehow : )

    - stimpy.
    =my animations=

    Waiting for the next ddc to show up.

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    Jul 2006
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    I'd like to be a FH because I'm helpful, loyal and I already know some of the staff. I'm very active, and I love spending time on DD. I respect the rules and I follow them. I make tutorials for beginners, and I try to help them. I don't post a lot, but when I do it, it's definitely helpful. Good luck to the others.

    No one rates your animations? Do you need help? Do you want to request something?
    PM me and I'll do my best to satisfy you.

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    Dec 2006
    name: blindingflames
    posts: currently 630
    reasons I would be a good forum helper: I am super active, I'm literly on from when I get back from school till the time I go to bed and I have been like this since I joined the forums. I have been trying to make this forum better already by trying not to spam. The main reason I want to be a forum helper is to help make the forums a better place by helping new people out and cutting the spam of other members if possible.
    credz to: TSU, Jon, frozen fire and sir wojak (PM me if i use your stks
    <3 List

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    Edit of ma last one was in a rush you see

    Name Craig
    Post count 1401
    Reasons for I have been both a mod and admin which i personality think i done well:P and took pride in doing, Im not at school anymore and dont think ill have a job soon, so i will be around more often than the rest of your members : D

    Im pretty respected, depending on who u ask , altho due to recent absence not alot of our newer members know who i am

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    Reasons why Nev should be an FH here at darkdemon.org!

    • 1. I am an active member, and have 1400+ posts.[/*:m:1r6qzs2z]
    • 2. I always welcome newcomers and help them on their way. I comment on beginner's threads with paragraphs of details.[/*:m:1r6qzs2z]
    • 3. I am a v.i.p so I help support the forum[/*:m:1r6qzs2z]
    • 4. I know a lot of members of the forum very well. I talk to over 30 of them on msn even.[/*:m:1r6qzs2z]
    • 5. I make tutorials alongside Fraz, and I continue to do this, improving them to be the way others want them to be.[/*:m:1r6qzs2z]
    • 6. I am a fairly experienced pivoter. My thread is located in the intermediates section.[/*:m:1r6qzs2z]
    • 7. I am extremely active to this forum and I don't spam or bump old topics. I have proper grammar and usually never speak in leet or anything of that sort.[/*:m:1r6qzs2z]
    • 8. I always see rules being broken, and a lot of the time, there is no one on who can fix it. I always wish I could just handle things myself.[/*:m:1r6qzs2z]

    I feel like I have very good chances of being chosen, so I just have to wait for the results to come in. Good bye =P

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    Feb 2005
    Papadapolis Awesomeness: A perfect 10
    Hello Darkdemon staff. I am Spacemanspiff, and here are the reasons I think I would be a great choice for a Forum Helper:
    - I have previous experience modding and being assigned to help others at a number of sites including Pivotlords, Porplemontage.com and even here at Darkdemon
    - I am well respected, so people may listen to me more instead of disobeying me
    - In real life, I am an optimistic and give people advice. Here, I can do the exact same thing, all they need to do is ask me
    - I can get along with everyone quite nicely, and I am doing something that people don't like, I will allow them come up directly and tell me so that I may better the experience here
    - I am trying my best to stay as active as possible and with this job I will have more responsibility, which is one of my new years resolutions

    Thank you for considering me.
    With Awesomeness,
    [center:1xxnvxdw]PIXELSAUR | Dance, trance, 8-bit, more?

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    Post count: 600+

    Why I should be on tye team: I always wanted to help out DD because people have been posting in wrong areas and I always wanted to say that you can't post here, or this doesn't belong here. I tempted many times, and I never succeded, but that'll never stop me from trying. I'm not trying to be mean, but when someone is new and posted in the wrong section, alot of people just yell at them, which gets them very angry and leaves. Alot people just make it worse, and I never want to get in the fight, but if I become an FH, I'll be nicer.

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    Dec 2005
    Sizzle my Sausage
    I have been a Member since 2005, I love DD.
    I haven't spammed, and I like commenting on peoples animations.
    I'm trustworthy, kind, and helpful.

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    Nov 2006
    Well i have nearly 3 times the required post count.

    I would like to help out, and i know how things work around here and i know the rules very well.

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