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    Wacom Art Competition: Winners

    Hello, finally here are the results with a tad explanation as to why they where picked in this way, We spent a little longer than expected because I asked a number of different people to see what they thought of the submissions. Firstly here are the winners. Judging was not biased in anyway we had me and Setsuko aka Chris judge this along with two staff members and some input from people on my contact list, after explaining the situation we all pretty much came with same answers.

    Bertís Submission first place
    Graphic Tablet, Jinx stuff, Badges + Stickers.

    ďA lot of different detail and small touches which pull this submission throughĒ

    Cavemanís Submission Second Place
    Graphic Tablet, + Stickers.
    {because cavemanís already got badges I thought Iíd pass them on ; ) }

    ďThis was picked due to the fact how long Caveman spent on this and because of all the detail in it, a lot of people has picked out areas which it isnít Ďproportionalí however overall its one of the best submissions submitted for detail and scale.

    Coming in third afro man aka fuse, sadly we were going to make you first but considering you havenít been active since August 2006 we didnít think it was fair in this occasion perhaps we should of made this more clear however we didnít thing that a non active member from along time ago would submit, you win some stickers too it truly was an amazing submission..

    And here are some runner up prizes,

    Jaco, Stick Slaughter, freak you all get some stickers.

    Cheeserís made me laugh for your lack I mean great talent you win some DD and PJ badges, along with SA who also wins some badges.

    EDIT: Cheeser couldent have the badges so I've given him V.I.P.

    Thanks for everyone who took part Iím already thinking of another competition as we speak. Everyone who won please pm me your full mailing address with country and name.

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    106 is fumpin', pumpin' up in this hoe, for sho, my bro
    Congrats people, the obvious winners for me. Bert better enjoy his tablet, as he kept going on about it XD.
    Again, well done guys.
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    o shi-

    well done everyone, i seriously doubted that i was gonna win with some of these fantastic entries. yours caught my eye especially, Afroman.

    i'll make good use of my tablet, i swear. i love you all *sniff
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    Unfortunately I'm unable to get those badges, but thanks anyways Adam
    It was fun taking part anyways. Good job @ Cave and Bert.

    Edit: Traded my badges for a VIP

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    Gratz all! I wanted to submit, but never ended up with the time or talent =p

    I would of though Damon's. Jynx's or Justins's to get some sort of prize, but it's all good.

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    Nice judging , I agree 100%

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    i luv raping
    Sweet I gotz me stickars Hope my dad lets me get them.

    Quote Originally Posted by BN

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    Shit......well whatever >>

    Congrats bert seeing as you deserved it.
    Anyone that wants to see my animations will have to go to another site to view them. pivot-place look us up.

    For more animations like this you should hop on over to http://www.pivot-place.org/vb
    There are some awesome animators there.

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    Badges ftw : D
    And now I get Caveman's old tablet? : P

    But I think Adam needs a huge thanks and recognition for this brilliant competition and fantastic prizes. And I'm sure we all look forward to his future competitions.
    Cheers Adam : D

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    I really liked Pizzas for some reason so kudos to him even though he didn't win. Looked like everyone worked real hard on their submissions (except for a few), but anyways everyone did a great job.

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