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    Forum Helper Applications

    Well I'm thinking about adding some more FH's to the team. Current FH's will have there power restored in the next week or so.

    To apply you must have at least 600 posts, please also post why you'd like to be apart of the team. Please only post if you are seriously applying.

    This is a reminder any users unhappy with final decisions made, People who moan or complain will not be permitted to apply is a FH again as its likely to cause friction later on down the line.

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    May 2006
    Herts, UK
    Heh, first to apply again.. >_>.

    I know I havn't been active in the last few weeks due to schoolwork and fitness training .

    But I'm back and I think I have a few reasons to be a Forum Helper.

    -For starters I know alot of members, I help members and offer my support where I can
    -I meet the guidlines
    -I've been at Darkdemon for over a year, and I'm pretty active according to my stats.
    -I'm a human being and not a cyberfreak so people have someone to talk to on the forums.
    -My help and support has brought people back to animation and the forums.
    -I've made many applications, although I did not get the job, I heard alot of people wanted me to be Forum helper.
    [center:1dyohg2y]I miss everyone. [/center:1dyohg2y]

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    Name: Flamez
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    - I've been here over a year.

    -Im very active, I am on most of the days. (Im also the 43rd poster so, this proves im active)

    -I hope to think I am good at socailizing, and can be a great laugh.

    -I can be very decisive.

    -I have been known to share my oppinions to other members, via DD and MSN.

    -I have been here for numerous bot attacks and I hate feeling helpless. Also one time we were attack by those gruesome pictures ( I will not go into anymore detail.) I had found out that a staff member had binned the thread, but not deleted the pictures. I Pm'd several members and told a few people on msn so they could get rid of it. Also i have been here when were getting attacked by bots and staff members arn't online. (On a few occaisions) i remember putting in my sig a warning for other members saying do not reply to these post because it makes it harder for the staff to find. XD.

    -I beleive in encouraging people. Say a begginer has made a new animation that he/she is extremely proud of. A few comments like "You Suck 0/10" Can really put a person down and even get them to stop animating. I beleive you should tell them All of the good points and show them how to improve in those areas.

    -I try to use proper grammer and punctuation.

    Good luck to the other tryouts.

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    Oct 2005
    username - la
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    join date - 03 Oct 2005

    I would like to be a forum helper because I have a large experience with the rules and members here at darkdemon.org, I've been here for almost two years! I'm also very active, I'm on at least 30 minutes every day. I know what decisions to make when making a post. I am responsible when it comes to the powers I am given, I know what to do and what not to do. If you need a new forum helper, I'm your man!

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    Name: gothic_animator....(Gothic)

    Post count: 737

    Reasons for wanting to be a FH

    -I have been a member for 1 year

    -I use correct spellings 90 % of the time

    -I am kind to people and like to help

    -Im logged on every day all day

    -I tell people if they have just bumped a thread

    -I would love to help the team out

    -Im an intermediate so i have some experiance in animation if i ever need it in the future

    -But most of all I love DarkDemon!

    Byronic! Home of the mentally creative.

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    Apr 2006
    i'd love to be an fh.

    - i want to help
    - i've been spotting spammers a lot lately (lol)
    - i've got good grammar
    - i'm very active at the forums
    - i know a lot of people from the forums
    - i help beginners (post cc, welcome them etc)
    - i've got an experience of more than a year as an active member here, and i'd love to my part to help the forums clean
    - i follow the rules
    =my animations=

    Waiting for the next ddc to show up.

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    Name: Colts183288 (Colts, for short)

    I'd like to be a forum helper, because I feel that I'm very responsible. I'm an administrator on another forum, so I know how to do all these things. I make sure to PM a mod if I see something that needs to be locked or deleted, and I don't mini-mod. I'm an active member, and I'd really like it if I could take part in the staff here. Despite the fact that I've only been here for about 6 months, I know this site well. I also have great spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I don't flame or spam, and I'm generally a nice person. Thanks for your time.

    Ex-Intermediate Animator
    Ex-Photoshop Artist
    Ex-Virgin (LOL JKS)

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    May 2006
    At Home
    I'd love to be FH too
    -I can help keep the place clean
    -I post about 60 times everyday.
    -I'm always active.
    -I also have been seeing a lot of spammers and it really bothers me
    -I use good grammar too
    -I pretty much will treat people in a good way and love seeing new members.

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    Oct 2006
    The last one you had, you never announced those Adam. I've waited about 3 months. >_>
    I'd like to become an FH because I've seen many bots. Drug bots, porn bots, retarded bots, you know. I've seen many people dis-obeying the rules time-to-time. Also, Darkdemon is probably the biggest forums on the Internet. And we need to keep it like that, but we need more FH's. Like me.

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    Nov 2004
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    ^^ I already said there was no one in that present application list we thought was suited the position so its your fault for not checking the updates

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