Omg," yes we are online, its took me ages to get a reasonable site online and now I have, some people will look at it right away and hate it so be it, just dont spam us saying you do.

The site is based around pivot, AND YES ITS A PORTAL, I believe it to be the first portal deadicated pivot portal on the net, I may be wrong but I did do a full check. There are some features missing, which I will be adding and uploading in a few days time.

The portal, yup just use your forum account to login, what forum? Bert705 has teamed up with me, and me and bert are using the portal as the user system for the pivot portal. So all you need is to be registered and login with them details.

I want to thank alot of people some are listed in the staff page, and some are not, I would like to thank all the pivot and easytoon animators that inspired me to create a portal, I hope it will be useful. I intend to keep the site updated on pretty much everything and anything, from Animations, to games consoles, I will be finding news and keeping the site freshly updated with games and art from our, team so tell us what you think on our forum!

Enjoy for now - Regards Adam aka DarkDemon