General Rules
1. Do not post in disturbing font sizes or colors.

2. Do not post in all capital letters.

3. Do not post excessive marks. (exclamation, question, etc.)

4. Do not spam. Posting useless or stupid comments will be considered spam.

5. Do not post adult content.

6. Do not harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress, unwanted attention or discomfort to another member.

7. Do not post in inadequate forums or topics.

8. Do not arrange for or discuss the exchange or transfer of any pirated software or other contraband while you are within this group.

9. Do not abuse your power or commit to unfair actions. (Admins, Mods, and Forum Helpers)

10. Do not take someone's work without their permission.

11. Do not get off-topic.

12. Do not post excessively just to raise your post count.

13. Do not double-post. Simply edit the previous post.

14. Do not post in someone's topic just to move it up the list.

15. Do not post in someone's topic if it's not a sticky and over one week old. The date and time of every post can be found in the post's top right corner.

16. Do not post in incorrect grammar or chatroom shortcuts. At least try not to.
17. Do not put too much in your signature. If it is too large, we will PM you, and you are expected to reduce the size.

18. Do not post if it is meant only for a specific person. Instead, PM the person.
19. Do not create multiple accounts.

20. Do not advertise anywhere other than the "Web Dev" forum, and even then you need 200 posts, and can't advertise other forums.

21. Do not show disrespect toward staff members. They are here to help you, and keep the site clean and organized.

22. No flashing avatars. They're a killer on the eyes and just look down right stupid.

23. No "pm whoring", as in do not pm other people just to get them to see your thread, or site.

24. No acting like, or impersonating staff members.

25. Do not make one or two word posts.

26. Any racial remarks/hatred (or any other offensive material) is certainly not acceptable. If you have to wonder about whether your post will offend someone or not, it probably will and you shouldn't post it.

27. Do not assume another identity or post from someone else's account.
28. Don't post any threads about a relationship. The internet isn't concerned with this and will do nothing but flame you.

29. Anything regarding 4chan memes and pictures will be dealt with HARSHLY

30. Do not request or ask for help in or obtaining illegal software / content, this also includes advertising / mentioning methods / names of programs which aid in obtaining illegal software.

31. Do not post links to inappropriate material i.e links which contain pornographic content, or content intended t or links to websites which crash or takeover a web browser.This includes links or tactics meant to steal a users information.

32. Constantly moaning or complaining about DD wont be tolerated. Voicing your opinion is fine providing it is not constant flaming.

33. Do not swear excessively

34. We appreciate pivot is a world-wide used program, but while on this forum, please speak in English.

35. No shock content or screamers. This means no disturbing images or videos being posted without warning.

Rules change, rules are removed, rules are added. This list changes frequently, so make sure to check back frequently.

If you fail to comply with the above rules, we will issue warnings via pm and/or email. If you do not change the error of your ways, we will ban you from the Network.

- Regards Staff