Threads in the Elite Zone, Art Gallery and other areas have been suspiciously deleted at times, deleting all posts that were made in it and causing those people to start fresh.

The real problem was why they were being deleted. I'll put it in the simplest way possible.

Bandito traded his Moderator account with Mr.X meaning his Moderator powers were accessible to someone who wasn't granted that status.
Mr.X was foolish enough to give the account details to BloodyBuddy who performed the sweeps, deleting the threads and editing peoples posts at one stage.
The final time the threads were deleted he gave himself away by posting a thread in our Staff Discussion Area basically saying "LOL I'M BACK" in which case we banned him right away.
Mr.X was foolish enough to give BloodyBuddy his account details too, which was when BloodyBuddy posted that uncalled for comment on the thread in General Chat (We edited it so it was no longer offensive.

Needless to say, Bandito, Mr.X and BloodyBuddy are now banned, meaning we shouldn't have any more deleted threads in that way.