Hello, I thought of better make this update, as lots of people have been emailing me and pming me. Please note you can not just join" the staff here at the PIDN. At present we have enough staff to cope and handle the load. If at anytime do we need more staff an announcement will be made.

If you are unfamilar with the present staff here is the list.

DarkDemon - PIDN server Admin, owner. PHP SQL coder. http://www.darkdemon.org
Bert705 PIDN - owner. Animator, Pivot, Flash. http://bert705.atspace.com [bot mod]
Toastmaster, Forum Moderator, Pivot Animator, PS Art. [bot mod]
LiquidSword, Forum Moderator, Pivot, Flash Animator. [bot mod]

At the moment the staff list is fine, asking for a posistion will not help if we need staff we will announce so.