New VIP signups are now closed, however I will still proccess any coming through the mail.

You can now purchase a VIP Status upgrade for only $10, you can do this either via paypal or mail however paypal will mean that I can probably setup your account within 24 hours.

What is a VIP
A VIP is someone who has donated to the site.

What are the benefits?
All VIPs can have there own interchangeable rank title text, along with this they can have their own custom rank image which they can change whenever they like, they also have access to a VIP only forum which is not seen but only to VIP's and admins.

Each donation goes towards server repair and upgrades and rental fees, we use deadicated servers in order to up hold the performance of the site. Each donation is small but as tesco here in the uk say "Every little helps"


The best way to do this is via paypal its quicker and less hassle to pay with paypal simply go to VIP at the top (popup should open) click buy VIP now, click the buy now paypal button enter your payment details or login, soon as its been completed simply PM me with the transation number your and what you want your custom rank title to be I will forward the login details to you asap.

You can also send in your VIP payment via mail

Mr Adam Davis
15 Brocton House
Stafford Court
Staffordshire Uni
Weston Road
ST18 0AB
United Kingdom

{Please note this is my PO - type box address, I check this twice a week sometimes once. This is my uni mailing address so I dont check it all the time} If you are going to mail your payment please include a note with your username, and you custom title. Feel free to post your own currency if you are sending dollars, other currency please get it converted to dollars or GBP / Sterling else it can incur a charge when I convert it at my bank.