I, and I think a lot of others, feel the general commenting on peoples' animations has degraded slowly over the past half year.
Personally, I see two main areas that need to be changed:

- Focus on Ranks by users rating the animations
- The whole business of "Physics"

Ranks then.
There is way, WAY too much focus on ranks by people rating anis. Fair enough if the animator asks for your opinion - "Is this animation Intermediate/Veteran/Elite"? - But most of they time they just post a short, mainly talking about veterans here, and people swarm in with "OMG ELITE" because they like the style or something.
This is seriously stupid in my opinion. Generally, we accepted on a standard for Elites when it was made. Now it's bound to change over time, but the only recent anis I've seen which I deem worthy of getting a user into Elites today, are the likes of: Jon's DBC Part - FrozenFire's Anis - Bert's DBC Part
(Just a short list I can think of on the spot)

Nothing below the standard of these should get into Elites. So when you are rating an animation, think: "Is this really good enough?" Anything under 50 frames should be disregarded straight away, except for very rare circumstances. Then, if you still feel strongly it is Elites, simply put:
"Well I think that's Elites. [REASONS WHY] Good luck." - NOT "OMG ELITES!!!!!"
Drop the noobish attitude. I don't care if you're 11 or mentally retarded. It's not productive in any way.
Also - If you see an "Elites" comment that you disagree with, don't just state your opinion and leave. Most of the time these people are underexperienced in Pivot and are easily impressed. Just state your argument why you believe it falls short.
This same argument stands for all inter-rank borders.

Nearly every post about "Good physics" etc. makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and is actually ridiculous. You can't sum up an animation by saying "Nice physics". Physics of what? It is absurd.
What should be said is:
"The gravity looked pretty damn realistic. Nice job." or "The weighting of the guy looked real."
"Hah, the friction on the block seemed way off. Unless it was on ice olol"
"Acceleration on the car/block/rock/whatever looked realistic. Looked good"
Or at the very least: "Movements looked realistic for the most part"

I mean even the above are not ideally accurate, but a hell of a lot more than "GUD FYZIKS LOL".
I swear most of you don't even know what you mean when you say "Good physics". It's become like the normal add-on for a review.
You don't have to now become a physician when it comes to rating anis. You're not going to be banned if you continue to say "Good physics". You may even think this is a petty moan - But it's good practice. The more technical your review, the more meaning it has, the more respect you get, the more it catches on, the better the general reviewing, the faster the progressing rate, the more actual Elite animations made. Win win.
And if you seem this all seems too technical, gtfo. We don't need immature users who can't be bothered to rate properly.

The better you rate others, the better they rate you.

Again - This isn't meant to sound very strict. Just merely my guidelines for some better reviewing. I hope atleast some of you heed this advice.