This was posted before now it has it own thread.


Let me clear a few things up. people have been nagging bert apparently saying that they are getting all this crap via newletters from us so, let me just say this.

People who/may or have been suggested to me about recieving emails from BERT705@HOTMAIL.COM via the forum newsletters/notices etc... they where not from bert705.

Listen up, newsletters and information emails are sent out to tell you or inform you of something. All users got a last one saying lag.. the forum may be experiencing... if emails where not sent out them people would be going to berts site and asking why is the forum slow or down? thats why these emails are sent out.

They are also sent out to inform you if we have done something like reached a post limit etc.

I have now changed a few things. People are getting these emails they may be bugging you well here we go. Firstly I would like to say sorrie they where coming from if/may any more be sent they will now come from a dummy bot account I have done it will look like this BOT@BERTFORUM or something like it as the email sender. You cannot reply to this address as its a dummy.

On msn, any email via this email addy should go into your junk folder, or yahoo etc,
so there are two things which will help. Also if you dont get them in your junk folder go to your options and block the email from being sent simple dont blame us.

Now also check the rules they have been updated you are now complied to follow these new acting rules.

The Newsletters will not longer be sent out, unless there is something majorally important in which case I will be sending them out. But look if you have joined the forum and not posted well its your own fault.. when your registered you complied to two set of rules internal rules and our external ones.

I hope this helps