This is a heads up for people expecting redeem codes, specially ones who are getting both the file hosting code / vip code.

If your not already a VIP, and want to use the VIP code on your account I recommend you use the VIP code first, enter your username and you'll get VIP status. After which enter the file hosting code, when you enter this code you'll be prompted if you wish to change colour to the DD pimp group colour (this will only be displayed if your not a staff member) After which your hosting account will be unlocked which can be accessed via the .myfiles link at the top of the forum.

-- The small issue is if you enter the VIP code you'll be forced to default to that group colour, so if you entered in the hosting code first it'll change it to VIP colour even if you wanted to keep the pimp group colour. This issue will happen with staff members too. So if your a staff member and apply VIP to your account your colour will change in this case please pm me and I'll change your colour back to the staff colour. (All staff must keep their own colour).

{If anyone has problems with codes / colours let me know and i'll sort it out for you}