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    Obsessed Veteran Adam's Avatar

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    Nov 2004
    UK / England

    1 free moderator position

    Yes, there is 1 more space for one poster here. Must have at least 40 posts and is pretty well respected post you applications here.

    (Some one will be picked in a few days)

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    Veteran Enthusiast LeadingManNigel's Avatar

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    May 2005
    New York City
    Well I have had moderator and adminstrator priviliges before.
    I dont post anything stupid. I really don't flame anyone.
    I will tell someone that there doing somthing wrong. I
    wont abuse my privileges and I'm a pretty nice guy. )
    (And I'm a preety active member)

    Well I'm respected(I think)


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    Senior Member
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    May 2005
    In the center of a cherry pie.
    I know I don't have a chance, but...

    I pretty much have had moderation experinces before and barely break the rules.
    I try to make positive comments.
    I know how to stop a rule breaker easily and give them a warning or ban them if they had enough warnings.
    I am pretty active. : )

    Wtf are those things?

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    Feb 2005
    Papadapolis Awesomeness: A perfect 10
    Might as well.....

    Hello, I am John, AKA SpacemanSpiff. I would like to be a moderator at the PI-DD forums. I have many reasons why I would be a good member for the job. I am a very active member, and I am a good animator, so i would know where animations would belong. I give positive advice and don't flame. I think that I would be a good moderator on the PI-DD forum. Thank you.
    With Awesomeness,
    [center:1xxnvxdw]PIXELSAUR | Dance, trance, 8-bit, more?

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    Dedicated Member
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    Jun 2005
    In a cave
    I'll try it

    I post alot and am pretty active
    most people know me
    I won't abuse my privileges
    and I'm a nice guy and funny at times
    I can give tips on animating
    I give positive thoughts and do not flame
    also I'm a good animator and able to judge peapols animating level
    So I think I would be a good moderater on the PiDD forums thanks Killer 1.0

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    Jun 2005
    heres this

    I like pidd its 1 of my fav fourms i love how theres hardly any flam i guess im respected though ya i hardly have over 40 post. Im mostly on pidd and others such as portal. Ive been a mod before on diff fourms i guess im a alright for a mod postion but its up to u dd

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    Dedicated Member
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    Dec 2004
    on your mom's bed <_<
    yeah i have over 40 posts just barely,
    i come on every day
    ive been a member since... last year,
    im in pivots best
    im not real cocky and stuff,
    i have a fast internet connection (if that helps)
    also i have Firefox

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    May 2005
    username- penguinboi
    name- Derek

    why?- well umm... i like this forum and i want it to get bigger more popular...

    why me?- well there aint anything special, can't do great coding, can't do amazing animations, but i am very active user...
    oh yeah and im not a prick (well i dont think i am) )

    and i have a kool av ))(*
    -penguin boi

    and i've set this site as my home page )
    'live and kickin' !

    New Animation thread 08

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    Senior Member
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    Jul 2005
    Nowhere. Everywhere.
    um, im pretty active,
    I have moderating experience,
    Im positive,
    I try and help the n00bs instead of flaming them.
    I always follow the rules.
    I know how to handle spammers.
    I have nice hair. ))(* lol. jk
    I have a sence of humor.
    Im not all stuck up.
    If someone gives me a bad reveiw for an animation, I ask what I can do to improve instead of getting whiney.
    People like me wa_)( i hope.


    John Shaman

    See!?^ I can be official too!
    You'll never get mee lucky charms!

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    Enthusiast Surreal's Avatar

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    Jun 2005
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
    Hello, my name is Nick, and i am known on the internet as ItsAlmostSurreal or Surreal, i am very active in PIDN, and i post all my new animations in the forum and portal. i try to help people out when they dont know something that i know, i tell them what i know about it and try to help out. when i joined the forum i actually thought it was boring but then i came back and noticed its one of the best forums, and probably the most active that i am joined. i would like to be a mod because i am very responcible and i think that i would be a big help to the PIDN community. on the portal i like getting critisizm in my animations to make them better and not be mad. also, i am a admin in my forum and have past experiance modding forums. i think that i am a very good animator, but that is just my opinion.
    This site is my home page on FireFox

    Also, if this helps, im in Pivots best, and i have an ADSL connection to the internet..

    Surreal ))(*

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