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Thread: A warning..

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    A warning..

    I've got word two users from the forum are trying to send out an exe to users to grab their login details.

    Never ever, use a third party application or website to enter your DD details into. Only sign in via DD's login.

    Any users / people found distributing a program of this nature or trying to gain access to DD's userbase in anyway will have their account flagged for deletion + ban.

    If you've already come into contact with this application ensure you change your password immediately.

    Now time to start up my own security service : D

    - It's highly advised you change your password frequently.

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    Re: A warning..

    To add to this, if you are contacted with someone from DD trying to phish / steal your account, ignore them and report it to a member of staff as soon as possible.

    Crono: Reporting the user to an administrator is ideal because proper punishment needs to be taken care of quickly. (banning)


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