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Thread: Downtime

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    Emergency Data Center Maintenance - FCR01.DAL01 [11/30/2009]
    Date: Monday, November 30, 2009 (11/30/2009)
    Start time (CST): 00:30
    End time (CST): 01:30
    Services affected: Public Network
    Location: DAL01
    Duration: 1 hour


    The following notification is to inform you of an EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE event on the SoftLayer Technologies IP Network. Due to the severity, the time frame between this notice and the maintenance window has been shortened.

    Start Time: 00:30 EST (06:30 UTC)
    End Time: 01:30 EST (07:30 UTC)

    SoftLayer Technologies in conjunction with Cisco Systems have identified a service impacting bug in the current IOS version running on this router. A vendor recommended upgrade has been provided as a resolution and needs to be implemented immediately.

    Original Issue Reference:
    With the introduction of 4-byte ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers), a newly devised method of injecting a specifically crafted prefix into the global route table allows for the BGP process to be reset on older IOS code.

    http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/707/ci ... -bgp.shtml

    Customer Impact:
    During this maintenance, customers will notice a complete loss of connectivity to their servers on the frontend network (public network). Backend network (private network) connectivity will NOT be impacted during this maintenance. While the upgrade duration is scheduled for 1 hour, we only expect between 15-20 minutes of downtime as the routers reload and fully converge. Again, this will NOT impact the backend network (private network) for customer servers.

    A notice will also be posted in the portal prior to the maintenance, during the maintenance informing you of the progress, and after with completion details.


    If you have any problems with your connection to your services after this maintenance window, or if you have any questions regarding the maintenance at any point, please call us at 214-442-0603 or open a ticket in the customer portal.

    We appreciate your patience during this maintenance and welcome any feedback you may have.

    SoftLayer Technologies
    Network Engineering
    Please note there is a correction to the ticket contents for this maintenance window. While the top lists the correct CST times, the ticket contents list EST as the time.

    This maintenance is scheduled for the following:

    Start Time: 00:30 CST (06:30 UTC)
    End Time: 01:30 CST (07:30 UTC)

    Thanks and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    SoftLayer Engineering

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    Re: Downtime

    And why not enjoy this downtime with a musical interlude, Downtime!



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