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    The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II EXTENDED

    [center:1nfbonh7]The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II
    [center:1nfbonh7]Have you got what it takes?[/center:1nfbonh7]

    The Competition created solely for the Beginners of DarkDemon returns, with a few changes!

    Similar to last time, the competition is an all against all battle royale to decide just who is the Best Beginner on DarkDemon, with the winner being automatically promoted to Intermediate and being awarded both VIP and MyFiles codes! The animators that place 2nd and 3rd will be awarded a choice of either VIP or MyFiles.

    The Rules:

    * Animations must be 506 x 415, the default dimensions of Pivot 2. Pivot 3 is fine, though you will have to alter your dimension settings!
    * No joints.
    * Do not show your animation before the Competition has finished, screenshots are fine.
    * Animations must be created solely in Pivot, no after effects or editing program can be applied to them.
    * You must be a Beginner to participate.
    * Minimum of 250 frames.

    Entries to be submitted via PM in both .Piv and .Gif format.
    All entries will be judged by the Rank Team and Staff.

    [center:1nfbonh7]The best entries will be complied into a Flash titled The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II.[/center:1nfbonh7]

    Due date: September 28th.

    Happy animating;

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    Re: The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II

    Awesome, I'm going to start mine right away.
    Thanks Heather for awesome Avatar, Sig and Rank bar.[/center:2le6i6j3]

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    Re: The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II

    seeing as my post was deleted, restarting my animation now and can't wait to finish.

    *You must be prepared for harsh critique. What I offer is in sight on what you should of done and you may get a offended, but you must understand if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen of art.

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    Re: The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II

    Looks like I would like to be in this contest, shaking off my rust and Going on with pivot
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    Re: The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II

    hm, my files would be nice....

    haha, no way I'm getting though, I'll sign up anyway.
    my thread. / Lovely Art <3 / DD ranks

    You can pm me for a comment on your thread.
    I'm always up for a good joint.

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    Re: The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II

    im in it seems like fun

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    Re: The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II

    I knew it would be back!
    So, here we are, good luck for all the participating beginners and good job for each moderators who etablished that contest, obviously.
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    Re: The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II

    I'll try and fail!

    i love coffee because nothing wakes me up better than scalding the inside of my face and the urge to violently shit myself

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    Re: The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II

    Sign me up. I'm starting mine right away.

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    Re: The Best Beginner on DarkDemon II

    I'll join, sign me up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lithium
    Niki&#39;s was awesome, the objects used in the animation were awesome and nicely done.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nutcracker
    I really hope that Niki gets intermediate when he posts the animation on his thread. He deserves it just as much as me.
    Quote Originally Posted by .Gay Black Superman.
    Niki&#39;s was amazing. It was like Vigilante at first, but it got better. That was a really top quality animation. I hope he gets inter.
    Quote Originally Posted by BolteuZz
    Yeah Niki&#39;s job was amazing, i love it too !
    Quote Originally Posted by Tasty
    Hot damn Niki, Your BBODD2 Was excellent.

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