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    Re: Redesign the banner!

    It's too dark on the sides.

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    Re: Redesign the banner!

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam
    Quote Originally Posted by Picto
    Quote Originally Posted by Ward
    Well, this is the final thing I guess?
    The colours match now, thanks to JoKer!.
    I want this to win. I realise that Cavolia seems to have put a lot of effort into his, and it WOULD be good, but it just looks incredibly cluttered to me. I think a lot of the splats could use work too, they look odd.

    Also, you guys need to consider that if you cut off something due to the dimensions, it'll cut off abruptly on the banner.
    Unless Ward's is altered it wont fit into the design at all, as Skype mentioned the colours don't fade out correctly.
    Oh, I couldn't tell. Someone better edit it then D:
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    Quote Originally Posted by StargateSG
    But tell me, what is homo love?

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    Re: Redesign the banner!

    Closed. Thanks for the entries.

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