I have finished the alternate "flashing" of the DDC.

Because of the sheer number and length of the entries, the flash files became unstable and so large that they couldn't be exported.

As a result I've had to bung them all into an after effects file with no fancy editing or anything of the like. I'd like to thank ipwnall who flashed them previously with an amazing standard of quality. It's a shame his file cannot be used.

I celebrate christmas on the 24th, and because of this I am unable to fiddle with the export settings in after effects to remove a few problems (some animations are low Q and there's an odd flashing box that appears in the middle some times). Adam is also otherwise busy over the next few days so even if I did finish it it would be impossible to release.

I don't have time to find fancy perfect music or go over mistakes. I've used two of my favourite songs and if there are any errors with the naming of the animators I'm very sorry.

DDC will be out before the new year!

Have a merry christmas and please believe me when I say I'm sorry for the delay.