Note every user will now get a few warnings before we ban them, here are some of the things we can do.

-1st try and issue a warning.
-2nd re-confirm a warning, make sure the user gets the message, may invole email.
-3 Temp ban.
-4 Total Ban (Forums only)
-5 You will no longer be able to access to or any subdomain site or file ob the network all you will see is IP restricted message.

- Forum Rules

1. No Spamming, we do not take kindly to the forum be lagged down by useless posts.
2. No Flamming.
3. Respect the users in the forum.
4. Keep the arguements toned down to a suitable level.
5. No hacking the forum or the network, you ip will be traced and legal action may be brought against you.
6. Keep you display picture to a suitable size, or esle you will mess up the forum layout, the same goes with your signature.
7. No advertising for other forums, as a guest and or site.

Please note if you fail to comply to the rules we will issue warnings to make sure you are aware of the problem you have caused. If you understand what you have done but fail to stop or agree with us then further measures will be implemented.