I've been to many sites recentally ones which I have known most of my internet life.

I'm starting to see alot of messages,

"I have a life animation isnt my thing anymore I have better things to do"

"I can no longer update the site,"

Its a shame to see these sites die some just havent been updated for donkeys, its really mad to see these sites go to waste.

I'm ensuring DarkDemon.org DarkDemon.co.uk and other domains I own, will not go down, they will only go down due to techical failure, never because we couldent be arsed.
As of this i'm going to be apointing serval new, news updaters for V.2 who will have portal, news, and user admin powers.

I feel this is much needed to keep running, V.2 will be coming september you will notice a mass amount of changes due to the time we are spending on it. I have noted some big issues concerning the size, so its going to be scaled down, same size as ng, but menus on either side.

Even by some small chance of darkdemon.org or .co.uk (or other domains) closing I will never let these domains get into the hands of others.

I assure you we are going no where. - Sit back stay tunned.