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Thread: New Owner DarkApple

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    New Owner DarkApple

    Hi all DarkDemon members,

    I am the new owner of DarkDemon.
    Took me awhile before i make this intro post.
    Sorry to disappoint some of you, i am a guy (and not a gal or a gay)
    So... i guess i'm not getting any hugs and cuddle.
    Still... thanks for the warm welcome.

    I took some time to read on posts regarding previous sale to mollila, trying to understand the situation. I guess mollila is too busy and felt that DarkDemon should sell to someone who could dedicate some time to grow it. I hope i will not become another inactive admin.

    Despite my former username PivotDark, i am not a pivot animator. (what! another owner who are not into pivot or animation!?!)
    I know this sounds like a bad news. I hope we can slowly grow this community to one of the largest pivot community (probably we are already the largest) and expand beyond.

    3 days ago, i havent got any plans for DD yet as i am still unfamiliar with DD. mollila mentioned to me about rebranding DD to animator.net.
    My thought at that time, i was reluctant to rebrand this community. Over the years, i believe DD has left alot of footprints around the internet with respect to pivot stick animation. If i were to rebrand DD to animator.net, traffic coming from the footprints will be confused and the existing DD brand is valuable. I believe anyone who are into pivot animation will know what is DarkDemon.

    However, after reading the past discussions of rebranding, it seemed the response is pretty positive.
    Part of me still wanted to retain DD brand as there are really alot of DD footprints everywhere but thinking that having a more descriptive domain name might help us to expand.

    After some serious thought, i have decided to take a gamble and go with rebranding.

    Please take note, rebranding does not mean reboot.
    I will not be bringing friends or people to replace anyone.
    There will be no changes to the staff team except elliot, who wanted to take a rest.
    I certainly welcome elliot to be part of the staff team if he wishes to stay.
    All posts will still be here.

    At this moment, roadmap for DarkDemon
    - I will be converting this forum into vbulletin after i understand more about how the current staff team is managing DD.
    - Rebranding DarkDemon to Animator.net. i would like to leave a shadow of DD in Animator.net (eg. small DarkDemon logo in Animator.net logo or F.K.A DarkDemon as part of the slogan)
    - We will try to expand into more animation platforms but i would still like pivot to be the backbone, allocating large sections dedicated for pivot.
    We wont be able to expand into other platforms fast, so we will do it slowly.

    I know the oncoming changes sound scary. I also hate to lose those valuable DD footprints. Making the change is really a gamble.
    But with a strong staff team that we have, which i can feel it and a group of dedicated members, i believe we should be able to grow DD (or soon-to-be animator.net) towards a direction we are hoping for.

    I will not be converting the forum and rebranding yet. Need some time to understand DD. But it will happen eventually.

    My username is now DarkApple or you can address me DA

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    Re: New Owner DarkApple

    Hi DA, welcome to the forums. I'm really looking forward to what you will bring to the community. Enjoy your time here. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!
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    Re: New Owner DarkApple

    Hello, DA. Welcome to Darkdemon. I like your forwards attitude, and whilst the thought of moving away from the Darkdemon name will make me cry myself to sleep for at least a year, I think I'll live. I guess big change is necessary to keep anything in life fresh.

    I'm sure we'll talk on the forum but if you ever want to contact me, my Skype name is Krustalien. I'd love to share ideas.

    Ultimately, good luck, and I'll (we'll) help where we can. Also I am disappointed you're not female but eh, I suppose that isn't the end of the world.


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    Re: New Owner DarkApple

    Well, you seem promising, DA, and enthusiastic I hope you lead us well. We need to be the best, am I right?
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    Re: New Owner DarkApple

    Well this sounds pretty good
    But please don't mess this up.

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    Re: New Owner DarkApple

    Hey and welcome DarkApple, glad to see you posting here.
    I hope you enjoy your stay as the new owner of our lovely community.

    Your plans sound really good, although I am a bit concered about DD converting to vbulletin because the only popular german forum went down rapidly after converting to vbulletin too, I would really not like to see DD going down.

    Anyway, I am sure you will make a good job DarkApple!

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    Re: New Owner DarkApple

    i probably should have fully read your paragraph.
    Welcome to DD our beloved owner. Im hoping for wonderful changes.


    you should also get in the chat every now and then. it is usually dead but im sure if you make some entrances more people would likely join. and we could ask you a few questions faster and at much more convenience perhaps.
    fiht me irl stridur
    - luv smoeky xoxoxo

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    Re: New Owner DarkApple

    I'm very happy to hear about your thoughts and plans for the site. I'm really grateful to how respectful you are regarding DarkDemon as a whole. Like Krust I'll probably lose some sleep if we ever change the name; it's just has such a nostalgic vibe to it. In any case I'm looking forward to what you have in store and I'm sure you have everyone's support! Thank you very much and remember to enjoy your stay.

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    Re: New Owner DarkApple

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkApple
    Hi all DarkDemon members,
    Sorry to disappoint some of you, i am a guy (and not a gal or a gay)
    So... i guess i'm not getting any hugs and cuddle.
    Still... thanks for the warm welcome.
    Don't worry bbz, your beautiful, no matter what they say :*

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    Re: New Owner DarkApple

    snapshots of the website taken*

    I sort of feel vaguely uncomfortable with the re branding, I probably won't stop thinking about it for a while...

    But I'm sure you'll do a good job.

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