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    Nov 2004
    UK / England

    DarkDemon.org's Birthday? 2 + years old.

    Well its Nov the 8, which is offically when the forums came to life back in 2004. Actually there where sites and crap before the 8th however the forums did not offically open until Nov the 8. Over 2 years is quite along time for any site / forum to survive even though the release of V2 was somewhat crap I'd admit it I can only tell you that the release of V3 will have alot more care and attention thought into it, instead of rushing things it will get more proffessionally planned. Old Animations, will be kept in our time valt in V3. So you can gander over old animations.

    V2 was basically a visual mod of V1, V2 is a re-vamp of the whole backend which will allow me to create some very awsome features, however I have no intention of starting this until after Christmas, alot of you know that mixing studys, and doing other work is a slog. College work is some what of a priority right now.

    However here are a general update of things.
    New forum, layout still moving rather slow.
    GifMagic, Still working on swf saving compiler.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone who is a member here, specially those who have been here for quite some time.

    - Thanks again!
    ~ enjoy the rest of your week.

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    Apr 2006
    happy birfday dd ^^

    i cannot wait the day when gifmagic will be released.

    keep up the good work.
    =my animations=

    Waiting for the next ddc to show up.

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    Yay, happy birthday Mr Forum guy.

    2 years is a long time, hopefully we'll still be here for many more.

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    106 is fumpin', pumpin' up in this hoe, for sho, my bro
    YEY, happy birthday, and i cant wait (i have to though) for gifmagic and V3. loving the ideas. Keep it up, but remember to do your homework :P.
    [center:3mdlh4lx]Fuck you. Cunt.[/center:3mdlh4lx]

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    ? ? ? ?
    i can kinda relate to everything you have to do , with life getting mixed with other stuff , but were here for ya all the way : D
    and gifmagic sound awesome
    although a quick Q N A:
    1. how many layers can gifmagic have?
    2. ability to import sounds ?
    3. is i still a figure type animation program?
    4 . will the create figure type be more advanced than the pivot one?
    5. will it be compatible with our .piv animations and our .stks sticks?


    Layer limit is undecided yet, however there will be one, I'll have to approach a value through the art of testing.

    Sound import ability nope, not in the beta at least

    Yes its still a stk figure animation program

    Indeed it will be more advanced than the stk figure builder already there, dont forget your limited by the colours at the moment, as gifs restrict to 256 colours. GM wont as there are secondary saving options

    Nope it wont work with Piv, as GM, and pivot use different loading engines.

    SA - PInk and red? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

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    Feb 2006
    Haha, happy birthday. Really cool that you've been here for 2 years + now : P

    Also, glad to hear that the things are good like it should : P (Rhymed, eh? )

    Oh yeah, why did you remove that "Christmas" banner, right away or was it like a part of the plan, lasting it only for 1 day?

    DD It was some what early as a test really, expect to see it again soon though

    : D Kai.
    Click here
    Go and check him out.

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    May 2005
    Hooray! Happy birthday DD.org. Anyone got some cake or what?

    Gif Magic sounds brilliant.

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    Mar 2006
    ctf_Ash, but beating Joel.
    Happy Birthday! So do you know actually how long you have been going, site and everything?
    Also am I correct when I say you are adding pencil tools into the program... =D

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    Jul 2006
    GMT +2
    Happy B-Day! I'll make an ani for the celebration.

    No one rates your animations? Do you need help? Do you want to request something?
    PM me and I'll do my best to satisfy you.

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    Herts, UK
    yey 2 years awesome here's a cake now lets keep this going for a third year : D
    [center:1dyohg2y]I miss everyone. [/center:1dyohg2y]

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