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    DarkDemon Forum Helpers.

    Well theres alot of demand for people wanting to be a mod, but at the moment i'm not looking for any new staff.

    However I think I should do something to show recognition of some of our most active, helpful, and respective members here on the forums.

    If you think you contribute alot to the commuinity, by helping it out, advertising, posting alot of reviews in the beginners section, keep reading.. because you may be intailed to a special rank, and rank image. "Forum Helper"

    I'm keeping this open to friday this week, so if you think you help alot around here, and would like the chance of gaining the special rank post in the following format. Please include everything stated, as it makes it easy for me to copy and paste them to other staff members.

    {Please note you must have at least 200 posts to apply}

    - Username
    - Total Posts
    - What you do to help the forums i.e activeness, help review peoples animations etc.

    ~ I'll keep it open by friday and should have the ranks given out by Monday of the following week.

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    Okay here we go. First of all i would like to apologise for the joke i made in the spam pit. I was not really focussing and i regret it, i would have pm'ed you, but i don't think we are allowed.I hope we can be civilised and forget it.

    - Username=
    - Total Posts=
    - What you do to help the forums i.e activeness, help review peoples animations etc.=
    Well, i try to review all of the begginers, no matter how good (or bad) they are. I stay active and i have alot of posts for the time i have been here at DD. I also try to provide links where possible so im not just like "go read the tuts" I try to provide links to good tutorials and try to explain things as fully as possible. I also remember what it feels like to be a begginer, so i can relate to how they are feeling, and how they can improve.
    I also advertise this forum at EVERY chance i get. Even if they don't animate, they can still contribute to the darkdemon community.
    I minimod quite a bit, and i always notice spam, bumps and threads in the wrong section. When this happens i pm an admin, to lock it etc.
    I was the person who caught that garret guy, that was the biggest spammer in a while. And i got all of his request threads locked because he had about 10 post, all of which were spam.
    And i would like to end on, please let me do this, i really want to, and i think i could do a good job.
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    - Username
    - Post count
    800 +
    - What you do to help the forums i.e activeness, help review peoples animations etc.
    I've found at least 10 - 12 posers imposing to be animators on other forums and reporting it to there rightful owners, I advertise this forum to beginners from other forums to get them started on the right track. I review peoples animations and give them some advice on what they could work on.

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    -What you do to help the forums i.e activeness, help review peoples animations etc
    Im on this forum every day and i almost always give constructive criticisum. I rate animations in every section and i dont put down members. i dont break the rules or spam. If beginners need help i give them links to tutorials or explain what to work on so they can get better. And i increse my post count by atleast 5 every day.
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    - hamandcheese
    - Post 707
    - I try to post allot in beginners section though not as much as I'd like to I admit. I know allot about flash mx-8 and help out allot in those forums. And lately all the forums, websites I've joined I made my website darkdemon.org to make more traffic and even tell people about the site in games like soldat. I even gave my phone number out on soldat and got 3 people to call me. lockand1oad was one of them and I asked him if he was in to animations and he said yeh, pivot and I was like, you should join DD and he did. Shittiest conclusion sentence ever.

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    What you do to help the forums i.e activeness, help review peoples animations etc: I mini-mod from time to time to stop people from breaking rules, I also try and refer new members to help the forums traffic. I also try to spell without mistakes but from time to time I make one or two. I review once in awhile but very rarely. I am decently active, in one year I have been here and I have been active enough to be around for all of the major and minor updates. I plan on being here for as long as I possibly can.

    I think that's it ... yay?

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    Can I nominate Sir_Wojak? I just think he has been very nice and helpful and very mature. That's why I nominate Wojak, not myself.

    If I'm alowed to nominate him. If not ignore this post.

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    ctf_Ash, but beating Joel.
    Total Posts.
    What I Do To Help The Forums.
    Anytime anyone wants anything from me, by MSN or PM inbox, I always reply and point them in the right direction. I have been posting a fair but in the tutorials section and had 2 decent tutorials already =D. I always seem to notice spam posts or irrelevant topics and I contibute a lot to the forums. I'm online a hell of a lot and help a lot of beginners to acheive what they want.

    This sounds like an awesome idea. Some people wouldn't be classed as Mini-Mods anymore =D
    So what abilitlies will these Forum Helpers get?

    Bolt: Fine I'll settle with moderator then =D

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    Re: DarkDemon Forum Helpers.

    - Username
    B4R1 B4N6
    - Total Posts
    - What you do to help the forums i.e activeness, help review peoples animations etc.
    I have been here for almost a year now and have always been really active, usually one for 3-5 hours a weekday, 5-9 hours weekends, and I plan on staying active, if at all possible.
    I post in every section of darkdemon, here in updates, animation threads, pivot chat, requests, easytoon, art, flash, tutorials, help, philosphy, pretty much everywhere.
    I have I believe 4 pivot tutors that have contacted me through Darkdemon for help. While I have not done much advetising on other sites, that is becuase this is the only pivot site I am an active member of.
    I have had a lot of ideas for V3, and absolutely love this site.

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    Oh hey lookie here, I've failed at being mod a billion times, maybe I can get this thing down.

    Username - EZCheeser [Cheeser]
    Total Posts - Err, 700 or something? Edit - Just kidding, it's 800 something.
    What you do to help the forums i.e activeness, help review peoples animations etc:
    Well let's see, everyone knows I'm one of the very active members on DarkDemon. So there we go, activeness. (If that's even a word.) I got alot of that. Helping? Well see, everytime I find a topic or a bunch of posts in a topic that piss me off, break the rules, or they are just being attention-whores, I always bring it up to a staffmember. (I also do this if I notice a member that is breaking the rules quite often and getting off easy) The difference from helping and mini-modding, is a minimod is someone that spends their time on a forum searching for 1-5 word posts and spammy threads, then posts in them saying "Ya u no u cna't sapm in her. Datz 4 spem pit." Then it attracts a bunch of others whom say "Um ya ur spmamign 2 bi psostign in da thred." The difference, is that I report it to a staffmember, and I do not post in the thread about it (Unless it's my own thread of course and I'm telling people to shut the hell up with their spam )

    And away I go.

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