Short story, 8 years ago i started pivot, i didn't cared too much about ranks, i like making sticks and animating what it seems to me that looks alright, but some what around 3 years later i gave my self a 2 year break, and recently int 2013 i'm back at animating, and obviously all i did was continue Dragonball animu, animation. Now we all are fan of DBZ (i know few are not but let's just say we are) and i did alot of them.. for 3 years.. until i stopped gradually last year, started making my own Series. and find things difficult, because i got a habit of making DBZ animations.

Now i feel like i'm starting all over again. But it's fine with me, Before i was an immature and couldn't handle CnC i think that is why i am thinking instinctively that "ranks" doesn't matter. To me it varies to "whom gave it more effort than the other" and i still have that question. I'm using pivot long enough to say that i probably know how to do alot of things in simple way or difficult way, ETC specially the new update Pivot 4. BUT that is all in the past now. Shut up with these short story. important thing is that i'm just trying to TAKE off the DBZ habit. and i hope i can get help here too.
(I still have this here for no reason tho i wanna delete it. It's a scar in my past..

I'll try to update this so i won't be making new thread from time to time. Thank you.
Recent animations.

Jan 31,2017 (Fight Test)

Flame's Base

Jan 28,2017 (Walk Cycle)

Flame's Base