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    Re: Free Image Manipulating Software

    I'll release some new ones soon and fix the links. It's just that now I have to download each program and review it
    It's okay though, thanks for contributing

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    Re: Free Image Manipulating Software

    Pixlr is a pretty basic in-browser one, but it at least has more tools than you would get on a brand new iScribble account.


    There are all the tools you would expect in a basic image editing software and it exports in jpeg, png, bmp, and their custom pxd or "layered pixlr image" format. The interface is also very attractive. It's probably not something most people would consider using for anything serious, unlike Gimp or PDN, but it is useful for quick edits like adding text to an image or removing 'red eye' from a photo.

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    Re: Free Image Manipulating Software

    Another great program is Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro. If used with a Tablet it can authentically replicate pen and paper and many others like brush and pen. Great tools like rulers, grids, and cropping stuffs.

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    Re: Free Image Manipulating Software

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    Re: Free Image Manipulating Software

    Sumo Paint is boss.


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    Re: Free Image Manipulating Software

    Quote Originally Posted by Yadda
    Quote Originally Posted by stickmansam333
    Figures ._. Ty Kyle
    Btw, how do you use an eraser :3
    Can you kill yourself for asking that? You erase the part of the layer you want by click-and hold. ohmygah
    don't get too pissed at him/her. She is a NOOB to drawing software
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