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    How to gain exsposure.

    CC= Constructive Crtitisism
    " Constructive criticism is a compassionate attitude towards the person qualified for criticism. Having higher experience, gifts, respect, knowledge in specific field and being able to verbally convince at the same time, this person is intending to uplift the other person materially, morally, emotionally or spiritually. For high probability in succeeding his compassionate criticism the critic has to be in some kind of healthy personal relationship with the other one, which is normally a parent to child, friend to friend, teacher to student, spouse to spouse or any kind of recognized authority in specific field."

    Exposure- The act of subjecting someone to an influencing expierence.

    So, you think your'e a pretty good animator/artist and you some decent pieces/animations, but no ones has commented on your thread. Or you're a novice artist/animator who wishes to get CC on you're thread. Are you that person?

    Many Novice animators/artists on DarkDemon wish they could have CC/exposure in the DarkDemon forum, but they don't know how to go about doing so. I will talk about one or two ways to do it.

    1. The most common way to get CC/exposure on DarkDemon is to leave a comments with good CC to get courtesey, basicaly to get a comment or good CC back in your art/animation thread. Although the artist/ animator does not have to give courtesy, but it is appriciated.
    1.a A good animation comment with CC is for example:
    Quote Originally Posted by tdawg41000
    you are med high inter. on your newest one, there should be more thrust with the gun. it seems very smooth a little too smooth, it really flows but it doesn't show enough power. effects are great and with no onion skin that is pretty friggin good.
    A good art comment with CC is:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjapanda
    The pentool on that new one is too much and seems really random. I only see about 3-4 layers. ._.
    Fractal, Text, Pen, Stock.
    If you guys actually pay attention to how easily the signatures can be dissected I'm sure your opinions will change.
    I hope this tutorial helps out some new members who wish to get CC and comments on their threads. IMO this tutorial sucks really bad.

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    Re: How to gain exsposure.

    PM'ing someone (whether they be your friend or not) and asking them to comment on your thread is the height of faggotry. Remove it immediately unless you want a shitstorm of negative comments.

    Here's some tips on how to gain exposure for your tutorial. If you're going to post a tutorial on DD, why do you keep referring to Droidz? I couldn't be bothered to look for it, but this tells me you just copied/pasted this tutorial from Droidz. Spell things properly. Don't resize the text so that it's tiny.

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    Re: How to gain exsposure.

    There's beginner, intermediate, veteran, and elite here at darkdemon. I'm going to burn your house down if you say anything like "med high inter" or "low borderline vet" again.

    Also, don't put cc: in your posts. We don't need to be spoon fed information to understand a post.


    And to add to stuff, when you give criticism you kind of have to put it in a nutshell. When you watch a 20 frame animation of a stick figure hitting another stick figure with a line that resembles a gun you don't need to mention that the gun "didn't thrust enough" because the animator will not go back and change it a hundred times to meet everyone's demands. He needs criticism that helps him make a new, better animation.


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