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    A couple new ones

    Me and photoshop have been gettin pretty tight lately.

    Farmland Irony

    Fox Demon

    Quote Originally Posted by Head/Hunter
    Quote Originally Posted by Fuddermuffin
    I have a hole in my bed so I can sleep on my stomach even with a boner.
    That helps me sleep for sure.
    So in effect you make love to your bed

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    Re: A couple new ones

    I like them. The hand is off though, but I think you did that on purpose, am I right?

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    Re: A couple new ones

    The hand was well shaded. But there was a huge gap inbetween the pinkey and the less usefull finger, which looked kinda wierd.

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    Re: A couple new ones

    em the farmland one is cool, a bit weird, which i like, the colours dont to much for me though.
    I like the werid face thing, its cool, dnt know hat much to say about it tho.
    The hand was great, really off, like people said, i dont know if u meant it or not but i think it looks awesome the way it is, a bit cartoony but really good, you have some strange ideas, id like to see you churn out something really weird and sick but cool XD


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