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    Flowery Photography

    Urm, so it's the first time for me posting ><;; I hope I don't get in trouble...cause I'd get all sad if I did....
    **NOTE: I'm linking to my dA (DeviantArt) NOT as advertisement or for views. It's because I don't have a separate Photobucket for my photography yet, but I'll be sure to fix that ASAP, and I'll change the links when the change comes along ><;; Thanks for the patience (If I get any D


    http://fc53.deviantart.com/fs33/f/2008/ ... angame.jpg
    Model: Kaia
    Location: Ocean Beach
    Lots of grain and noise is lots. My camera is okay, but when I throw it through Paint and Photobucket to resize and edit it always gets all nasty looking. I should start saving using PNG files xD

    http://fc48.deviantart.com/fs37/f/2008/ ... angame.jpg
    Location: de Young Museum, San Fransisco (Or somewhere around there xD)
    even more noise and grain in this one, but this was an all natural shot, people! the petal was there already!

    http://fc64.deviantart.com/fs32/f/2008/ ... angame.jpg
    Location: Mountain Tamalapias
    Still noisy cause of stupid Paint and Photobucket, but it almost walked right past the little flower, and then I saw it, had a tiny squee moment, and took the picture ^^

    That's all for today~

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    Re: Flowery Photography

    That "Golden" picture was very nice, I liked the fact everything was the same color except that little yellow flower. The others were cool too, but less than the flower.


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