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    Just some of my doodles

    Hey...yeah I'm new here. I just wanted to show some of my artwork and see what people thought. ^^
    For most of these I used a free oekaki program.

    This first one I just wanted to try out the Disney style so I used Stitch.


    This is one of my original characters, Bam. And those are just ridiculously long sideburns but they turned out to look more like a beard...


    And here's just some random works...trades with friends and such. In my more cartoonish style.


    This is the last one, I promise. ^^; Just Edward from the Twilight series...used Rob Pattinson from the movie as a reference. And no, I am not one of those Twilight crazy fan girls, but my friends are, so this is for them.


    That's pretty much it for now. If you want to look at some of my work I haven't posted, or just want to see some of my old stuff then the link to my deviant art page is in my profile.

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    Re: Just some of my doodles

    Nice work mate, really good stitch is my favoruite. nice shading. keep drawing/designing.

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    Re: Just some of my doodles

    i really love ur doodles and ur edward is awesome! XD


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