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Thread: Sculpturez

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    I don't have a camera, so I can't show my newer, more epic stuff...

    But I can show you some old stuff. This picture shows several sculptures i made years ago ( I believe I was ten or eleven years old)...they were put on display in the school by my art teacher =3. I've improved since of course..

    (Sorry for the bad quality)

    As soon as I get a camera, i'll show you some of my newer works. You see the dragon in thar? Well...my newer dragons have all their teeth...and I even make EACH INDIVIDUAL SCALE and stick them on the body. Some even have wings. My teddy bears have also improved, so much so that my mom's manager friend at an art store wanted me to make a couple to sell.

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    Re: Sculpturez

    wow thats preatty awesome dude, the only kind of sculpture i did was a box...NO.. a TREASURE CHEST :O... nah its a box
    clicky my art thread ?


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