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Thread: artwork

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    Re: artwork

    I don't get it?
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    That helps me sleep for sure.
    So in effect you make love to your bed

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    Re: artwork

    Wow, thats terrible. It wasn't funny at all and the art style isn't all too great. Do some more work on the dialog too >_>


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    Re: artwork

    Ok, first i recommend speach bubbles, as we can't tell what the hell is going on. Also your art style is way too blocky, if you're going to draw like that use a thinner paint brush or atleast put more structure in the drawings. You also need to make more things clear such as in the second picture i can't tell if thats a gun in his hand or just his hand drawn wrong.

    Sorry but it wasn't very good, its not understandable the presentation is poor and unintelligible. It needs alot of improvement...

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    Re: artwork

    Practice your timing. It would be better with 3 panels. In the second panel it looks like he's putting the gun up to his head at the same time the thing is opening it's mouth, which doesn't make sense. The thing should open it's mouth in panel 2, and then the dentist should put the gun to his head and drop the clipboard (Which for some reason is floating on the floor in your comic.) Not that I suggest redoing this comic.


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