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    Saving Actions for Automation in Photoshop

    [center:33u0i7q3]Saving Actions for Automation in Photoshop[/center:33u0i7q3]

    What I'm going to show you is how to save multiple actions in Photoshop as one action, so that you can easily use it on other photos. So it's basically applying an effect on an image without having to do all the steps.

    First, we need to make and save the effect.
    Open up Photoshop and open an image.

    This is my image.

    Don't mess with the image yet. Go to the actions panel. If you can't find it, go to Windows > Actions on the menu.
    Click the "Create New Action" icon

    Name the new action.
    ...leave the other settings at default and click Record.

    Now you can begin editing.
    Before that, make sure to make the background layer into a regular layer by double-clicking on it and clicking Ok.

    Ok...so after some editing, I have the effect I want
    Save the image...(You can delete this copy after)

    Now, stop the recording.

    Go to File >Automate > Batch
    Change the Set and Action.
    Choose the source and destination folder.
    Make sure to check "Overide Action 'Save As' Command" (because you already saved the file in your actions).
    Click Ok.
    Just watch the files save and...you're done.

    You might be prompted with this error:
    Don't just click ok. Choose "Convert document's colors..."
    Other errors might appear but you have to experiment with it to learn how it works.

    Example Files



    Recap of the steps:
    1. Open image
    2. Open Action Panel
    3. Create New Action
    4. Record
    5. Edit Image
    6. Save File
    7. File > Automate > Batch
    8. Change settings...Click Ok.
    9. Done.

    You can always go back and edit the steps of the action you made (in the Actions Panel). Once you do it once, you'll understand it more and you can change some things to fit your needs. It's mostly self-explanatory. I think it's simple and saves time. So...that's it. Thanks for reading.
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    Re: Saving Actions for Automation in Photoshop

    Thanks, this might work a bit with gradient mapping and stuff like that.
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