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Thread: Cool story bro.

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    Re: Cool story bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lawn Feed
    ok then chaoz you make a better one

    or stfu
    Why should I waste my time drawing a circle with eyes? Hello? It's called an opinion for a reason, learn to accept them or kindly shut up because I don't think it's that hard or really artistic to just draw a circle with a huge outline which makes it look ugly and add eyes, a mouth, and maybe even eyebrows?

    Everyone is praising it like it's the next fucking Mona Lisa, it's not that good, but that shouldn't change anything because people have different thoughts on certain pieces, this is one that I didn't like because it is way too basic, etc.

    Kindly get off my back and accept my opinion or kindly leave because you're really starting to aggravate me.
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    Re: Cool story bro.

    Chaoz you fail to acknowledge that you're not the only one who knows it's only a smiley face, we know that, and nobody is treating it like a work of art, they're treating it like a smiley face, and it's a good one at that.

    Just chill.

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    Re: Cool story bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack
    Just chill.
    Well, considering I passed the AP Art 2D Portfolio exam and am going to Ringling College of Art and Design, I think I'm allowed to critique this as a piece of art. Not just a smilie.

    Anyways, I like it a lot, the colors are really bold so that it pops, but there might be too much pop, perhaps it's the red of the mouth? Also the eyes are uneven, maybe fix that, and like a lot of people said the outline on the outside is a bit thick, maybe tone it down a little bit and it would probably bring about the bold factor of it better. It seems to be taking away from that rather than helping.

    Besides that I really like the choice of yellow for it, and how you did the shading simple, but it's still effective.

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