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Thread: M-16 MS paint

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    M-16 MS paint

    Kinda sucks. I did'nt bother to do any lighting or advanced details.


    Scale of 1-5 i'd personally give it a 3 1/2
    Hi! =)

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    Re: M-16 MS paint

    That is a good drawing but it would more better if you did a little more detail

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    Re: M-16 MS paint

    This mostly consists of the outline of the weapon (an example would be the barrel, as it has not detail within the contour). You got the form of it down, but go out and look at some M-16's and overview the small detail. An important tip for raising your quality would be to drop the black outline in the shadows; actually, a good goal to follow would be to drop out all the single-pixel black lines that are in use for outlining.
    I do understand that this didn't have much effort from what you proposed about your thoughts.

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    Re: M-16 MS paint

    I think its really good since its made from MSP, but i it was PS, or GIMp, i would say it was too simple.
    Good job tho. C:


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