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    How to make simple pivot art

    Ok This is my first topic so dont give me a hard time! xD
    ok so start with the simples
    .First lay out a good backround first like this

    .Then add some effects like chidori or a beam

    .you can get these sticks from http://www.droidz.org<:O am i allowed to say that word on here?
    .Then add in the details like shading of the sticks and stuff like that

    .Then it should turn out a bit like this and dont rate i did say it was basic dont forget to put your name init aswell coz someone might steal it

    hope i helped so....get pivart making!
    Where my pivot art is let loose

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    Re: How to make simple pivot art

    You need to explain more, provide more example and organize your topic better. If you don't have these things its not really a tutorial. I am locking this topic as all people are going to do is bash it, please take time to revise your tutorial and make a new thread.


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