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    [Paint.NET] Making an Audio Wave

    My pictures where a bit too big, so I only posted the links. Sorry.

    PLUG-INS needed:
    Jitter: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopi ... =16&t=5435
    Conditional Hue/Saturation: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopi ... saturation (It's in the pack.)

    How to install plug-ins: When you download the .zip or .rar file, you see a .dll file. Click "Extract to" and go to my computer - local disk C - Program files - Paint.net - Effects. Put it onto the Effects map.

    Step 1:
    Start with a blank image. Size should be 800x600, and fill the image all black.

    Add a new layer. Get the line/curve tool, width should be 200, colour should be white. Make this shape:

    Step 3:
    Go to Effects - Distort - Jitter, and use these settings:

    Step 4:
    First go to Adjustments - Curves, and make the audio wave whatever colour you like. (I made it red.)

    Step 5:
    Go to Adjustments - Conditional Hue/Saturation, and use these settings:

    My PDN suddenly shut down, it looks a bit diffirent now.

    Step 6:
    Go to Effects - Blurs - Motion blur, and use these settings:

    Flatten the image, and your done.


    Happy Paint.net'ing!

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    Re: [Paint.NET] Making an Audio Wave

    Looks nice, but like your other tutorial. A tad bit too simple.
    Good job nonetheless.
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