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    Nevik's Ms paint Thread

    [center:1fljrg5a]Nevik's Ms paint Thread[/center:1fljrg5a]
    Ya, so i finally got some time and decided to make myself a ms paint thread.
    NEVIK'S RULES: comment how ever you like, but I swear if you flame on my thread, be prepared to get you ass raped. Im not gonna stand for shit like" Dude that sucks" or "Stop taking crack", because im not going to stop taking crack and if you don't have something to contribute then DON"T POST!

    [center:1fljrg5a]Bunny on acid: Had fun making this one

    [center:1fljrg5a]Kinda New[/center:1fljrg5a]
    [center:1fljrg5a]Random faces: Just got bored.
    [center:1fljrg5a]Creepy doll Version 1 : [spoiler:1fljrg5a][img]http://**********.com/img/1271262430.bmp[/img][/spoiler:1fljrg5a][/center:1fljrg5a]
    [center:1fljrg5a]Creepy doll Version 2 :[spoiler:1fljrg5a][img]http://**********.com/img/1271348529.jpg[/img][/spoiler:1fljrg5a][/center:1fljrg5a]
    Your warning level: [ 9000!!! ]Nevik does NOT have a thread D:

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    Re: Nevik's Ms paint Thread

    Nice drawings on Ms Paint...I like what you did there...!!!
    [center:2icle7vm][Youtube|Darren's Tutorial]


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