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Project I-
Legendary/The Legend of Master Wu-Shu
Vol. I- Dwelling in the Sun in a Cloak of Darkness
Since it's a comic, I have to tell the story.
[spoiler:2okjiwqt]A group called the Circle of Masters protected the country of Tokatu, and several other parts of the world. They fought for what they thought was right, and never stopped until it was achieved. But the story starts way before the Circle, back to the beginning of the Human Race (In my story, of course.)
Before any human dwelled among the land, millions and millions of radioactive meteorites fell and sunk into the soil. For thousands of years, the radioactive chemicals sunk into the soil, plants and fresh water. The process was long, but finally, the chemicals became a part of nature. Then man came and ate the plants and the animals who ate them. They drank the water, also. The chemicals did not kill the men and women, but only cause a temporary illness. The illness was cause by high blood pressure, which was cause by the chemicals. The chemicals then enhanced the human horomones and then went up to the brain and enhanced it also.[/spoiler:2okjiwqt]
[spoiler:2okjiwqt]This caused some mutations, but they varied. Some mutations were metal skin caused by enhanced skin, white eyes caused by the enhancement of the pupil, and most commonly, small tumors and the back of the head. The enhanced brain only did one thing though, it controlled elements. Since the chemicals were part of the plants, soil, water, etc. around them, the chemicals joined with the human brain causing it to be able of control the nature around it. This art is called MANIFESTATION.[/spoiler:2okjiwqt]
[spoiler:2okjiwqt]Fire was the final stage, it took many years to control fire, but then they found the solution. Since the brain sends telekinetic waves to nature, they have to send telekinetic waves to fire. First, they have to get familiar with fire, concentrating and being around fire was the solution. Since the brain finally became familiar with fire, and that fire became so prominent, fire was now controllable.
Manifesting has been used for war, hence the Stone Warriors of Udulung, the Dragons of Talarang, The Masters of Tokatu, The Monks of Jinrei, and so forth.[/spoiler:2okjiwqt]Thanks for reading this, I appreciate it. Give some criticism to the story and the art.
Picture I-
[spoiler:2okjiwqt]This is the cover of the first volume, entitled: 'Dwelling in the Sun in a Cloak of Darkness'. The character is Master Wu-Shu, manifesting five elements (Right to Left)- Wood/Nature, Water, Fire, Earth/Rock, Metal/Steel.[/spoiler:2okjiwqt]
Picture II-
[spoiler:2okjiwqt]These three panels show Mater Wu-Shu's two brothers and father. (Right to Left) Master Gengryu/ Regikyou Dedai/ Firstborn; Master Deserin/ Agikyou Dedai/ Middle Child; Master Zendhou/ Ghoukyouyen Dedai/ Father; Now, some more stats about each character:
Gengryu is a Mercenary-Class Master. His weapons of choice is his two-bladed sword. He is sent first, and is sent back last. Think of the Mercenaries as the Nave SEALS of the Circle of Masters. He served in the Cold-Blooded war, the war that the Dedai and Gokochai clans fought amongst eachother.
Deserin is an Assasin-Class Master. His weapon of choice are the quad-blades, or dragon fangs. He is sent deeper into the warzones. Deserin served in the protection of the Jinrei temples, where Talarese anti-monks tried sabotaging the Temples of the Southern Souls.
Zendhou is a Warrior-Class Master. His weapon of choice are two flat-ended warrior blades. He is sent on the front lines, and sometimes deeper. He fought in the protection of Udulung[/spoiler:2okjiwqt]