Hey guys guess what? I draw now! I want you to see these things that I drew.

[center:2a9txdny]Old 6th Grade Pokemon Drawings
[spoiler:2a9txdny]NOT AVAILABLE YET[/spoiler:2a9txdny]

Other Stuff
[spoiler:2a9txdny] An Anime Guy 1
An Anime Guy 2
A Knife[/spoiler:2a9txdny]

DBZ Drawings
[spoiler:2a9txdny] Goku Face :P[/spoiler:2a9txdny][/center:2a9txdny]

Also the Pokemon Drawings are not available yet.

I will also take requests for DBZ and Anime things. Cartoons included.

I drew the Goku Face and the stuff in other stuff section today :P I actually drew the Goku right now. What do you guys think?